Student Organization Policies and Procedures

High Risk Student Organization

Purpose Statement

Wright State University will assess all student organizations during the registration process to determine the risk exposure to the University.  Student organizations that meet moderate to high-risk criteria may be asked to modify their focus or be required to meet additional guidelines to be registered with the University.

Criteria to Identify Moderate to High-Risk Student Organizations

Wright State University may use several criteria to determine the risk level of an organization.  While not an exhaustive list, one or more of the criteria could be considered in determining high-risk organizations:

  • participation in physical activities
  • use, display, or demonstration of mechanical and non-mechanical equipment
  • practices or process that would have a reasonable need for the use of protective gear
  • presence of animals
  • potential to inflict mental or bodily harm
  • exposure to pathogens
  • use, display, or demonstration with fire, liquids, chemicals, or hazardous substances
  • involves building, removal, or destruction of a structure
  • exposure to hazardous environments
  • exposure to natural elements or survivor type conditions
  • an affiliation with a national organization that requires insurance
  • additional security measures or University resources to protect the membership or the general community

Process for Review

Organizations will submit annual registration forms in accordance with announced due dates by the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership (please see Registration Policy & Relationship Statement for the registration process).  Upon completion of the registration materials, a review committee will meet to determine the risk level of an organization.  Review of organizations will be on a first come first serve basis. The review committee will determine if the organization may be registered or additional requirements need to be met in order to register the organization.  A designee, appointed by the Director of Student Involvement and Leadership, with expertise in reviewing student organization registrations, will initially review all submissions for registration.  He or she will forward any registration forms determined to have met one or more of the risk criteria to the committee.

Review Committee

The review committee will consist of the following:

  • Staff designee from The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership (Chair)
  • Staff designee from Risk Management
  • Staff designee from General Counsel
  • Student designee appointed by the House of Representatives

Additional expanded committee members may be invited to participate when it is determined that they can add specific expertise to the committee (for example, staff designee from Campus Recreation and/or Sports Club Council President when club sports are reviewed).

UPDATED 8/2013