Student Organization Policies and Procedures

Sidewalk Chalking Policy

Sidewalk chalking is permitted in order to promote the activities and events of student groups and organizations formally associated with Wright State University. Student organizations choosing to utilize this method of communication must obtain an approval form from the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership or online in Engage.  Chalking by individuals or outside groups is not permitted.

Chalking is permitted on concrete outdoor sidewalks immediately adjacent to the Student Union, in the circle behind the Student Union, on the concrete sidewalks between Rike and Allyn Halls, and on the concrete sidewalks between University Hall and the Student Union, on a space-available basis. This includes the area between the Student Union and the Medical Sciences Building, and the lower sidewalk between the Student Union and the Mathematics and Microbiological Sciences Building. Chalking is also permitted on sidewalks in the residential communities in accordance with policies established through the Office of Residence Life & Housing. Chalking is not permitted on any other campus sidewalks, on any vertical surfaces, buildings, walls, or on any surfaces that are brick or tiled. Only water-soluble chalk may be used.

Violations of the location restrictions noted above or the defacing or erasing of approved chalking is cause for offenders to be subject to university disciplinary sanctions. To report concerns or violations of this policy, please contact the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership at 937-775-5570.

UPDATED 8/2013