Student Organization Policies and Procedures

Receiving Gifts

A student organization may at some time be the recipient of a gift of merchandise from a person or business not connected with the university. The gift may be given as a result of encouragement from the student organization, or because the donor believes in the purpose of the student organization and wants to provide support.

The student organization should complete a Gift In Kind Form (GIK) with the donor.  Forms are available in the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership. A copy of the GIK form must be provided to the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership, so that the gift may be acknowledged by the WSU Foundation. The student organization should also acknowledge the business for its generosity. Any gifts or donations must be coordinated by the Division for Advancement and the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership. Any cash donation should be taken to the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership, who will help your organization with the appropriate paperwork and deposit.

If the donor intends to declare the value of the gift as a tax deduction, the gift must be valued. It will be the responsibility of the donor to attach a dollar value to item or, in gifts of significant value, to have the gift appraised; the dollar value should be included in the letter mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Any gift that provides a tax deduction for the donor becomes the property of the university, not the student organization, although the student organization may be the sole user. Any property belonging to the university may not be disposed of sold, given away, traded by the student organization without prior written consent of the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership and concurrence of the university disposal officer.

UPDATED 4/2020