Student Organization Policies and Procedures

Registration and Relationship Statement

Purpose Statement

Wright State University is strongly committed to providing students with opportunities for involvement and learning in student organizations. The overall collegiate experience is enhanced through student organization involvement which provides opportunities for student leadership development and develops a dynamic and stimulating campus environment.

Through this statement of relationship between the University and the student organization, the University establishes a process for organization registration and a set of privileges and responsibilities for student organizations. This clarifies the University/organization relationship and helps to foster student organization success.


Student: An undergraduate or graduate enrolled at the university during an academic term.

Advisor: A member from the university faculty or administrative staff who volunteers to mentor student leaders and represent the University on behalf of a registered student organization.

Registered Student Organization: An entity whose membership is composed of students and has complied with all student organization registration procedures and requirements established by the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership. Registered student organizations are free to exist or disband and are fully responsible for their own goals, activities, and membership.

Social Greek Organization: A social Greek organization is a men’s or women’s fraternity (or sorority). Fraternities and sororities' ideals of scholarship, leadership, service, and social growth are compatible with the University’s educational mission. The University provides special support and expectations that are intended to guide the success of fraternities and sororities in living up to their ideals. Because of this relationship the University has set additional expectations for fraternities and sororities as defined in the Standards of Success and Relationship Statement for fraternities & sororities. These organizations are provided the same services and privileges as any other registered student organization.

Student Organization Officers: A student organization officer is an undergraduate or graduate student enrolled at the University throughout the duration of the time he or she holds office. The student need not be enrolled during the intersession or summer academic terms. A student may hold only one officer position within an organization. An organization must have a President and a Treasurer. The President shall be the official contact person for the organization and shall be accountable for all actions and financial commitments of the organization. All student organization officers must maintain a minimum of a 2.0 undergraduate or 3.0 graduate grade point average. Registered student organizations may have additional or higher academic criteria outlined for officers in their constitutions.

Student Organization Member: A student organization member is an undergraduate or graduate student enrolled at the university during the academic term he or she participates in the organization. The student need not be enrolled during the intersession or summer academic terms. A student must be in good academic standing to participate in a student organization. Registered student organizations may have additional or higher criteria outlined in their constitutions for members.

Constitution and By-Laws: A constitution is the governing document for the operation of the registered student organization. The constitution should contain the objectives of the organization, a membership clause, a description of the offices of the organization and duties of each office, and any standing committees. Organizations may decide to include the bylaws of the organization. The bylaws are the rules that govern the election of officers and other organizational procedures. Bylaws should include a plan to replace officers for not fulfilling their duties. A sample constitution is available in your Engage account or from the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership.

Engage: is a web-based tool to manage all student organization information including events, memberships, service hours, and more.

Privileges of a Registered Student Organization

Registered Student Organizations have the ability to access the following University resources:

  • advising for program and organizational development from faculty/staff
  • applying for organization desk and/or storage locker in the student organization complex
  • applying for funding
  • establishing an account with the University
  • reserving campus meeting and program spaces
  • applying for leadership recognition awards
  • applying for web access
  • participation in campus-wide events such as Fall Fest and April Craze

Responsibilities for Registered Student Organizations

Annually Register the Organization: Organizations must complete all steps of the annual registration process to be considered or maintain status as a registered student organization.

Policy: All registered student organizations and their members shall adhere to all University policies and procedures and state and federal laws. University policies include, but not limited to, the student policies as published in the Wright State University Student Handbook, Anti-Hazing Policy, Equal Opportunity in Education (University Policy 8001), and the Student Code of Conduct.

Advisor: All registered student organizations must have their own advisors who are required to be faculty or staff at the University.

Engage Updates: The student organization president or Primary Contact is responsible for keeping all information current on Engage. All communication from The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership will be sent via e-mail to the President, Treasurer, and Advisor listed on your Engage web pages. Students who have joined and been approved on your Engage site will be considered the full and complete roster of individuals in your organization.

Additional Requirements for Social Greek Organizations

The University reserves the right to extend an invitation to a(n) (inter)national fraternity/sorority to register a local chapter as a recognized social Greek organization. The University, in consultation with the campus Greek governing body affected, will make the final decision on the addition of any Greek organization to the WSU Greek community. The expansion procedures will be followed when determining to invite a(n) (inter)national fraternity/sorority to register a local chapter. Any new general social Greek organization seeking registration at the University must first obtain initial written approval from the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership. Before a(n) (inter)national fraternity/ sorority may colonize and officially become a registered student organization, it must receive written approval from the University.

Student Organization Registration Process

Student organizations are registered on an annual basis. Active registration ends on the last day of the Spring academic term. Organizations that complete the registration process by the end of the Spring academic term will maintain active registration status throughout the next academic calendar year. Any student organization may be eligible to be registered with the university by completing the following three steps with the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership.

STEP 1: Attend Training: Both the organization President and Treasurer must complete training provided by the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership. The dates, times, and location of all mandatory training will be sent via e-mail to the President and Treasurer listed on your Engage page.

STEP 2: Have Members Join Your Organization on Engage: Both the organization President and Treasurer must join. A total of six students must join on Engage page for an organization to be eligible for registration.

STEP 3: Complete the Registration Form on Engage: The President must complete all steps necessary using Engage software to be registered. A constitution must also be submitted.

Approval of Registration

The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership will approve organizations that meet the criteria of this registration process. The organization will receive written notification of registration approval or denial.

Termination of Registration

The registration of a student organization may be terminated for any (but not limited to) of the following reasons,

  1. A written request of the officers of the organization;
  2. When a constitutional provision dissolves the organization;
  3. When an organization fails to complete training or update organization registration information by the end of the Spring academic term;
  4. When an organization fails to retain an advisor, required officers, or minimum number of members
  5. For violation of university regulations or policy, the student code of conduct, or state and federal laws.

A student organization that has its registration terminated shall, for all purposes, cease to exist and will no longer be accorded any privileges provided by the university. Termination may be for a specific period of time (suspension) or for an indefinite period of time (expulsion).

Policy Exemption

Any organization may request an exemption to the specific requirements of this policy by submitting a one-page request to the Director of Student Involvement and Leadership detailing the justification for the exemption. All policy exemption requests must be received prior to the registration deadline.


Any organization may appeal decisions regarding registration approval/disapproval, termination, or policy exemptions to the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs. All appeals must be within one week after the notification of the decision to the student organization.

Updated 2/2013

R. Danals, Director of Student Activities
D. Abrahamowicz, Vice President for Student Affairs