Student Organization Policies and Procedures

Banner Policies


Banners may be reserved for three locations on campus by registered student organizations and University departments. Banners must promote an on-campus event, service, student election/voting or membership drive.


There are two campus locations to display banners on campus including:

  • The Hangar: The exterior of the building, facing the quad.
  • Student Union: various locations
    • Atrium (hand-decorated or printed, flame retardant banners are permitted)
    • Outside the main entrance (appropriate fee will be assessed)
    • Walkway railing above the main entrance
    • Outside the Alumni Circle entrance
    • Outside the Hamilton Plaza entrance

For residential locations and policies contact Residence Life & Housing.

Reservation of Banner Space

It is advisable to schedule banner postings in advance to assure availability of space. Banners may be displayed for a minimum of one week. Only one banner is permitted per organization in each location.

To make a reservation for space and arrange for hanging of banners, please contact the following offices:

  • The Hangar: Physical Plant, Ext. 4444.
  • Student Union: Student Union, Ext. 5522

Banner Specifications

  • The Hangar: Up to 6 banners may be displayed at one time: no more than 12 feet in height and 5 feet wide in dimension.
  • Student Union: For Atrium banners the maximum dimensions are 45 inches high and 5 feet wide. For other Student Union locations contact the Associate Director for Operations.

The sponsoring organization's name must appear clearly and legibly on the banner. Banners to be displayed outdoors must be made of a durable material that is also water and weatherproof. Sponsoring organizations must supply rope for fastening the banners to the posts.

Banner Supplies

The best resource for getting banners on campus is Printing Services.  They can print durable vinyl banners for indoor and outdoor use.

Display Guidelines

If a banner rips, tears, comes loose from the railing, or falls, it will be removed. Banners may also be temporarily removed for events in the Student Union Atrium.

Updated 7/2015