Student Organization Policies and Procedures

Sponsoring Outside Vendors on Campus

A student organization, as a university-related organization may sponsor an outside vendor on campus, under the following conditions:

  1. The student organization sponsoring the vendor has the following responsibilities:
    • To reserve the vending space through the Student Union
    • To provide the vendor a copy of the vending policy
    • To check the vendor site at least once on the day of the sale to ensure that the policy is carried out. If the vendor is not complying with the policy, the student group should correct the situation.
  2. Vendors have the following responsibilities:
    • To post a sign indicating the name of the sponsoring organization
    • To pay the sponsoring organization 20 percent or more of the sales made during their stay on campus
    • To offer goods to, but not press them upon people. Any recruitment of passersby should be done with this in mind.
  3. Vendors of the same type are limited as follows: two may be on opposite ends of the quad and two may be in the Student Union.

      4.  Restrictions on banners/signs
              a.  Banners/Signs may not be hung from any ceiling or doors. Oil-based paint and crepe paper may not be used on banners and/or signs                                                                                            
      5. These regulations do not apply to events that already fall under the supervision of a WSU administrative department (e.g. April Craze, Fall Fest, and UAB events).

UPDATED 7/2015