Wright State Career Fairs 2023 Spring Semester, hosted by Career Services

Wednesday, March 15, 2023, 9:30 am to 4 pm
Current Students

Save the date for Wright State Career Fairs 2023 Spring Semester!

Career Fair information for Students & Alumni:

Monitor the event listings in your Handshake account for upcoming information about the Career Fairs.

At Wright State Career Fairs:

  • Find Career Services staff to answer your questions.
  • Introduce yourself to recruiters.
  • Learn about internships, co-ops, career positions.
  • Ask questions you developed when reviewing the employer websites.
  • Get ideas and connections for your career future.
  • Gain confidence in job search interactions.

These Wright State University career fairs are hosted by Wright State University Career Services.



For Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff are welcome to attend in-person career fairs, interact with employers, and support student and alumni participants.

Employer Information

Wright State Career Fairs are for employers hiring directly into their organization, for internships, co-ops and career positions requiring college education.
Interested in career fairs and other opportunities for building relationships on campus?
Contact the Career Services Career Consultant serving the students and alumni you want to recruit. 

  • Not sure which Career Consultant to contact?
    Email Lance Cauley, Associate Director, Wright State Career Services, lance.cauley@wright.edu

Staffing agencies and employers offering generalist positions that do not require a college education:
Please email career_services@wright.edu to learn about recruiting opportunities to meet your needs.

For information, contact
Wright State Career Services
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