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Web Support FAQ

You may have questions about the best way to get in touch with the Web Team about a website. Below are answers to some common questions.

  • Who is our primary contact for help with the website?

    The Web Team does not currently have a person dedicated solely to frontline support. However, as a team, we are committed to providing you with the best service in a timely fashion. The Web Support system allows us to help as many people as we can in the most efficient manner.

  • Who should I contact if I need help with ____?

    Please use the Web Support link at the bottom of the webpage you need help with. You will be asked to briefly describe the issue you're experiencing and provide your contact information. The ticket tells the exact page you're on, as well as the browser and operating system you're using. This information will help us solve your problem as quickly as possible. Please use this system for help with anything web-related.

  • If I know that a certain Web Team member usually helps me with issues like this, should I just contact him/her directly?

    No, please still submit a Web Support ticket. The team member you're trying to reach may be unavailable when you need assistance. They could be in a meeting, out of the office, or helping another user. Most web issues can be resolved by several members of our team and the ticketing system ensures that you receive a response as quickly as possible. Our entire team is committed to helping solve your web-related challenges.

  • Who can I call if I’m more comfortable calling somebody?

    The Web Support system doesn't just alert us to a problem, it also gives us some of the information we need to solve it. Each ticket shows us the specific webpage where you were experiencing issues and tells us about the browser, computer, and operating system you were using to access that page. Please use the Web Support system to give us a quick sentence or two about your issue and ask us to call you for more details. The first team member who's able to address your ticket will be happy to call and assist you.

  • What if the issue is urgent?

    The Web Support system is the best way to get a prompt solution to your challenge. Every member of our team sees the tickets as they come in. This allows us to quickly determine who is most appropriate and currently available to address your unique situation. Please briefly describe the urgency of your issue in your Web Support ticket and we will be sure to help as soon as possible.

  • What is the Web Support system?

    Web Support issues are collected in ServiceNow, the same system used by the CaTS Help Desk.

  • What happens when I submit a Web Support issue?

    When you click Web Support, you fill out the Short Description and Description, just like an email. The page you were on, the browser you are using, and your operating system is logged automatically. When you click Submit, an email is immediately sent to members of the Web Team that a new ticket has been opened.

    A member of the Web Team triages the incoming tickets: he/she looks at the description and affected page, then either resolves the issue immediately (for minor edits), or assigns it to the most appropriate member of our team. We aim to have all tickets triaged (not necessarily resolved) within a day, but often we're able to solve issues much sooner than that.

    We’ll only bug you when we need more information from you, when we’ve completed your request, or to give you a status update if this issue will take longer to resolve.

  • What are these ServiceNow emails? How do I respond to them?

    ServiceNow will automatically send you emails when you create a ticket and when we think the issue is resolved. If we need more information from you, you will also get a ServiceNow email. You can reply to any of these emails and that response will be logged in the Web Support system. Any attachments to your email will be uploaded to the support request as well.

    If you get an email saying that your issue is resolved and you feel it isn’t, your reply to the email will open the issue back up and send us an email that the ticket has been reactivated.

    Be sure to check your Junk and Clutter folders if you haven’t heard from us in a satisfactory amount of time. Although ServiceNow emails aren’t supposed to go to these folders for Wright State users, we have heard reports of it happening.