Brand & Marketing

Project Request

photo of the millett hall


  1. You, the campus client, will meet with the Office of Marketing staff to discuss the scope of the project, target audience, messages, photography needs, etc. Bring samples of printed pieces or websites you like, if possible. A timeline is determined at this meeting. 
  2. You will provide all approved information or text based on the established timeline. Please provide text or copy changes in a Word document.
  3. The Office of Marketing will begin design and layout once we have all text and photos.
  4. We will provide printing and mailing estimates for your approval.
  5. We will write or review and edit the text for the project based on marketing and writing best practices, editorial and style guidelines, and branding recommendations. This is a collaborative process; we will discuss changes and get feedback from you as needed.
  6. Once a first draft is designed, we will start our internal review process. This review includes multiple people in the Office of Marketing who might have input or recommendations including editors, web developers, and designers. We may discuss changes in an in-person meeting with you as necessary.
  7. We provide the first draft for your review. You will either provide our office with feedback or give us final approval based on the established timeline. If you request extensive changes from the first draft, we may require additional internal reviews. We will not finish any project without final approval from you, so please review all changes carefully. 
  8. The Office of Marketing will run a final quality check (Q.C.) on the project where we will check for major errors or issues. No extensive editorial changes are made during this check.


  1. If this is a print job, our office will send files to Printing Services (or another vendor). We will need shipping and billing addresses, contact information, and a FOAP number to submit to the printer. The completed job is shipped to you or mailed based on the established timeline.
  2. If this is work related to the website, we will launch the site or changes. 
  3. If this an advertising job, we will launch or submit advertising based on established deadlines or timeline.