Even if you’re not part of the Enrollment Management team, you can still help recruit. Here are some practical ways you can help bring in future Raiders:

Share your story

  • Talk to people about your positive experiences here.
  • Attend campus events to talk to visitors and share your Wright State story.
  • Celebrate #GreenAndGoldFriday. Wear your Wright State colors proudly every Friday and share photos online with the related hashtag.

Build the culture.

  • Promote your Wright State events, stories, and photos on your personal social media.
  • Invite people to Wright State events. Through art, athletics, symposiums, lectures, or admissions open houses, we want the public to see how much greatness is happening here.
  • Keep your college or department’s social media account active. Whether you’re managing it or someone else is, you can help feed content to this account to keep it fresh.

Spread the word

  • Share Wright State newsroom stories ( and social media posts.
  • Wear your Wright State apparel…everywhere!
  • Tell others about the success of your current and former students.
  • On your personal social media channels, use Wright State hashtags so we can engage with or share your content: #WrightState; #RoadRaiders (for wearing Wright State apparel away from campus); #braggingWrights (points of pride); #WrightStateRightSchool (supporting admissions); #WrightStateRightNow.

Want any other ideas? Feel free to contact us!