Brand & Marketing


Advertising to promote the university strives to:

  • strengthen the university's mission, values, and awareness of the university's brand
  • achieve the unique objectives of each client’s recruiting and marketing campaign
  • maintain a level of quality consistent with the university's brand standards
  • maximize the return on the university’s total advertising investment.

External university advertising must be reviewed and approved by the Office of Marketing. The purpose of the review process is to ensure that our advertising tactics:

  • support the university's overall marketing strategy
  • accurately represent the university
  • comply with legal and regulatory guidelines
  • maximize opportunities for volume discounts for multiple media-buys.

The Purchasing Department will not approve the acquisition of outside services to produce advertisements or honor invoices for payment by Accounts Payable, Office of the Controller, without the authorization of the Office of Marketing.

Approval is required for advertising to external audiences including print, TV, radio, interior or exterior billboards, posters and banners, social media, online and other digital ads, and sponsorships. Exceptions are non-display classified advertising for personnel recruiting and Nutter Center event advertising.

Please contact the Office of Marketing in the early stages of planning your recruiting strategies, program launches, or event marketing. Our staff will help you design and implement integrated advertising campaigns and support materials. Visit for more information about our advertising services.

Personnel Recruiting Advertising

Standards have been established for recruitment ads to project a uniform identity for Wright State University. Making Wright State recruitment ads identifiable at a glance strengthens the university’s public image and leverages our recruiting investment. To advertise for a faculty or staff position, review the hiring toolkit at and contact the Office of Human Resources.