Brand & Marketing

Key Messages

Rather than restrict our entire communications platform to a single tagline, we created the following statements to help guide our messages. These points are essential to the story we are telling about Wright State.

No one point is more important than another, so you can use any statement or combination of ideas you deem necessary to communicate your message. By incorporating them into our everyday vocabulary, we can elevate the identity of our university in a purposeful, targeted manner.

A Human-Centered Perspective

We create an inclusive environment where people are cared for, where they are respected, and where they can be authentic.

A Smart Investment

We ensure motivated students, faculty, and staff can achieve their ambitions and better serve themselves and their communities.

A Culture of Innovation

We take risks, challenge the status quo, and continually explore ways to do things better.

Fueled by a Pioneering Spirit

We accept the challenge to continue the Wright brothers' daring spirit by believing we can achieve anything.

Strength in Diversity

We foster a diverse campus that resembles the world. Our students, faculty, staff, and alumni are exposed to new cultures, lifestyles, and thinking, making them well-rounded global citizens.

On the Rise

We inspire people to be much more than they thought they could ever be, and we are confident the best is yet to come.