Brand & Marketing

The Elevator Speech

The elevator speech answers the question "Who is Wright State?" It is designed to quickly paint a picture of who our university is and what makes it unique. It’s Wright State in a nutshell, and can be used in text or spoken to your audience. 

Named for Ohio's world-famous Wright brothers, Wright State University offers an exceptional, inclusive, and valuable education that puts pioneering students on the path to future success.


Like the Wright brothers, we believe each person has the ability to soar, to achieve their dreams. We believe in helping people uncover and develop their potential.


We empower all students to excel in their lives and chosen careers through integrated learning, research, innovation, and experience.


We conduct scholarly research, engage in meaningful community service, drive economic revitalization, and empower our students, faculty, staff, and alumni to make a positive impact.

Referring to the university:

  • Use Wright State University for the first mention; Wright State may be used thereafter. Do not refer to the university as WSU.
  • Do not capitalize university when it appears alone, e.g., “The university is preparing for tomorrow's event.”
  • Wright State has one regional campus, Wright State University–Lake Campus. On second mention, it can be referred to as Lake Campus.
  • While the larger campus is located in the city of Fairborn in Greene County, we refer to it as being in Dayton, Ohio, so others may have a more immediate sense of our location.
  • When mentioning both Wright State campuses, they should be referred to in second mentions as the Dayton Campus and the Lake Campus. Avoid using the phrases Main Campus and Branch Campus.