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These typefaces have been chosen for legibility and availability. Each font includes a range of weights and widths that can accommodate any need. If the listed fonts are not available, substitute a similar typeface such as Arial or Times.

Primary Sans Serif: Univers LT Standard

Univers is a contemporary sans serif font, and typically is useful as headlines, callouts, sidebars, etc., although it is not limited to these uses. If Univers is not available, we suggest Source Sans Pro, which offers a clean alternative. Source Sans Pro can be downloaded from Google Fonts.

Wright State primary typeface - Univers

Wright State primary typeface - Source Sans

Primary Serif: Minion Pro

Minion Pro is a typeface also found on many computers and is most often used as body copy in brochures, for example. If Minion is not available, we recommend Garamond, which looks very similar.

Wright State primary typeface - Minion Pro

Wright State primary typeface - Adobe Garamond Pro