Brand & Marketing

Personality and Tone

Our personality can best be described as "People First."

We are inclusive, considerate, and sensitive to the needs of others. We provide reasonable assistance without being asked. When someone reaches out for help, we help. We have a can-do attitude. The phrases "I don't know" and "that's not my job" do not exist in our vocabulary.

Our tone is reflective of the following qualities that are derived from our personality, institutional core values, and mission statement.

Inclusive: We take pride in being inclusive, not exclusive.

Relevant: We focus on what is important now and moving forward.

Impactful: We make a difference in meaningful ways.

Fearless: We do not let the possibility of failure hold us back.

Persistent: We are determined, goal-minded, and purposeful.

Agile: We are imaginative, resourceful, and nimble.

Focused: We motivate students and each other.

Approachable: We put others at ease.

Taking our lead from the pioneering spirit of our namesakes, the Wright brothers, Wright State University will continue to be known for our advancements, our accessibility, our inclusiveness, and our entrepreneurial spirit in the 21st century and beyond.

It’s a matter of perception.

Our identity is not what we say it is; it is the perception of those around us. In order for our Wright State personality and tone to be received in the way we wish, we must each embrace these elements and consistently deliver them in ways that are authentic and sincere.

Don't just read it. Live it.

It is not enough to put these statements on a website or write them on a white board. We must make a concerted effort to live the Wright State way. In person, online, or in print, we take the time and effort to show and tell who we are.

People-first actions:

  • If someone looks lost, we take the time to escort them to their destination.
  • If someone is having a problem, we listen and either resolve the issue or escort them to the correct person who is empowered to resolve the issue.
  • If someone dials the wrong number, we look up the name and phone number of who they can contact.
  • If someone emails, we provide a timely, positive, and professional response.
  • If someone is waiting in a lobby, we offer a smile and warm greeting and offer to locate assistance.
  • If someone talks about Wright State in person or online, we take the time to acknowledge their statements in a positive, value-added manner.

People-first word choices:

  • We use inclusive language, e.g., chairperson instead of chairman.
  • We use each individual's preferred pronouns, e.g., they/them/theirs instead of he/him/his or she/her/hers.
  • We use conversational language, relating to people on a human level.
  • We use positive, optimistic, encouraging, and transparent language.

People-first statements, individually and collectively:

  • I/we see the potential in you.
  • I/we believe in you.
  • I/we will help you.
  • I/we understand.
  • I/we am/are listening.

...and we follow through.