Campus Recreation

Mission, Vision, and Values

photo of students high-fiving on a field


We are committed to providing exceptional facilities, programs, and services to create recreational and wellness opportunities that promote a healthier and happier Wright State family.


We will be a vital component of the total development and well-being of the Wright State community.


  • Serving
    Provide clean, attractive, accessible, and safe recreation facilities, staffed with friendly, knowledgeable people. Solicit feedback, anticipate and respond to changing needs. Advance the Mission of the Student Union, the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services, and Wright State University.
  • Leading
    Afford superior opportunities for students to evolve as leaders and encourage them to develop responsible attitudes. Create an environment that is supportive, productive, and enriching which facilitates the development of personal and professional potential and outstanding leadership skills.
  • Living
    Advance an awareness of healthy lifestyle choices and instill a commitment to the life-long development of the mind-body-spirit relationship.
  • Learning
    Foster an environment that supports self-discovery and life-span learning, creating educational opportunities to enhance knowledge and skills in a variety of recreational and wellness activities. Support educational experiences as a practicum site and provide training and continuous education for students and departmental staff.
  • Caring
    Create an environment that treats all people as individuals in a supportive, courteous manner. Promote the development of social skills, mutual respect, fair play, and sportsmanship.
  • Sharing
    Promote the benefits of recreation and wellness to the campus community. Enhance relationships with other University entities. Share and exchange knowledge and resources with these units to provide quality leadership and programs to all participants.
  • Growing
    Take advantage of technology to address our commitment to continuous improvement. Solicit input from the WSU community. Provide programs and services that are progressive, and expand programs, services, and facilities to meet the needs of the communities we serve.
  • Including
    Strive to include all individuals of the WSU community in an environment that values, embraces and enriches individual differences by providing services, programs, and staff which reflect the diversity of our University's population.
  • Playing
    Provide a wide variety of inclusive play opportunities at a variety of skill levels that envelop both competitive and non-competitive categories of play.
  • Having Fun
    Maximize activities that encourage friendship and camaraderie. Promote positive relationships through laughter. Celebrate our successes and accomplishments.