Finding Housing

Postings for apartments and houses are available in the classified advertising sections of local newspapers. Housing will be listed in the "for rent" section. Some owners post "for rent" flyers on bulletin boards on campus and in local stores. Suggestions are also available on this page.

Apartment Features

Is the apartment furnished? Make sure you understand who is responsible for providing the appliances and furniture in the apartment. Most apartments do not allow animals. If you plan on getting an animal, get permission from the owner of the apartment before you get the animal. If you have an animal where one is not allowed, you may be asked to move out of the apartment, and you may be required to pay a fine.

Your Lease

You will be asked to pay a security deposit on the rental of the apartment. This deposit to the landlord is usually equal to one month of rental cost. The landlord holds this money to ensure that he or she has an extra month's rent if you were to leave suddenly or damage the apartment. If the apartment is not damaged at the end of your lease, your deposit usually will be refunded. Make sure you understand all the terms of your lease. If you move from your apartment before the end of the lease period, you may be required to pay large fees to the owner. Read your lease carefully before you sign it. Your lease is a legal contract with rules that you agree to follow. Check these items to make sure you and the landlord agree:

  • What is the cost per month?
  • What is the length of the lease?
  • Who is responsible for the payment of utilities – heating, electricity, water, garbage collection, etc.?
  • What is the cost of the security deposit and is the deposit refundable?
  • Who is responsible for repairs to the apartment while you are living there?

Choosing and Caring for Your Apartment

Before you sign a lease, make sure the apartment is clean and that you feel safe there. While you are living in it, clean your apartment regularly and do not cause any damage to the walls, ceilings or floors. If you damage the apartment, you may be asked to move, and your security deposit may not be returned to you.

Roommate Request

The UCIE has a very active Facebook group that can be used to find roommates. Please join the "WSU-UCIE Roommate Requests" group to post open rooms or to find additional roommates.

Temporary Housing

The list provided below will give you an idea of the motel accommodations in the area near Wright State University. Local Hotel/Motel Accommodations Listed in Order of Proximity to Wright State University:

Hotel/Motel Address Phone (937)
Suburban Extended Stay Hotel  3845 Germany Lane. Beavercreek, OH 45431 (937) 426-2608 or 1-800-951-7829
Homewood Suites 2750 President Dr., Fairborn OH 45324 429-0600
Holiday Inn 2800 President Dr., Fairborn OH 45324 426-7800
Fairfield Inn 2500 Paramount Place, Fairborn OH 45324 427-0800
Studio Plus 3131 Presidential Dr., Fairborn OH 45324 429-0140
Broad St. Inn 616 N. Broad St., Fairborn OH 45324 879-7666
Hampton Inn 2550 Paramount Place, Fairborn OH 45324 429-5505
Red Roof Inn 2580 Col. Glenn Hwy. Fairborn, OH 45324 426-6116

* The hotels/motels listed above are relatively close to the campus and the prices, which do not include 12% tax, are reasonable, but subject to change. When you call to make a reservation, tell the manager you are a new Wright State University student to ensure they charge you the lower fees quoted above.

On-Campus Housing

There are various on-campus housing options. Please visit the Residence Life and Housing website to explore these options. Any questions regarding on-campus housing should be directed to housing@wright.edu.

Off-Campus Housing

Although the UCIE does not endorse the following websites, you may find the following resources useful:

http://www.zillow.com/dayton-oh/apartments/ Zillow Dayton apartments page with over 65 listings with fair rental price estimates
https://www.trulia.com/for_rent/Dayton,OH/ Trulia Dayton apartments page with over 280 listings with in-depth neighborhood information
https://hotpads.com/oh-wright-state-university-main-campus/apartments-for-rent Hotpads apartments for rent near Wright State page 

The apartments listed in this file are within walking distance of WSU.**

The apartments listed in this file would require transportation in order to commute to WSU.**

** All prices are subject to change

The following videos showcase some of the apartments closest to campus:

Arlington Village Townhomes & Flats
Breckenridge Apartments
Meadowrun Apartments
Peppertree Villas
The Province (Dayton)
University Suites


Some apartments, such as on-campus apartments, may already be furnished. Contact the apartment or housing complex to ask about furniture (bed, dresser, table, chairs, refrigerator, etc.)

Otherwise furniture and appliances may be purchased or rented.

CORT provides furniture rental packages and housing information for students living off-campus. Most apartments in the U.S. are not furnished. CORT offers furniture rental, with additional packages for cookware, towels and linens, a TV, and more.