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Panopto for Mac walkthrough


Required Equipment: MacOS computer with a microphone.

We recommend using a Macbook or an iMac if you have one available because the microphone is built into the computer. An external microphone or USB headset will also work for recording your voice. The Panopto for Mac recording software works for MacOS 10.11 and up.

If you do not have a laptop or a microphone/headset for your desktop computer, the CaTS Help Desk also has a limited supply of microphones available for checkout as well. 


Step 1Add Panopto to your Pilot course (Note - this will take you to Brightspace's external website, which is another name for Pilot).

Your lecture videos will need a place to live in your Pilot course, so the first thing you’ll need to do is add it to your Pilot course section. Students will also access recorded videos from this Panopto link as well.

Add Panopto to your Pilot Course

Step 2: Install the free Panopto for Mac recording software onto your computer.

Once you have added the Panopto tool to Pilot, click the green Create button and choose to "Panopto for Mac" from the dropdown menu. It will ask if you want to Launch Panopto or Download. Choose to Download and install the software, following along to the default prompts.

Install for Mac


Step 3: How to use the Panopto for Mac recording software.

Once the application is installed, you will navigate back to the Panopto tool in Pilot, click the green Create button again and select "Panopto for Mac." Choose to "Launch Panopto" or "Open Panopto" (different computers/browsers will have different language). After you press the launch/open link, you may also see browser prompts asking for confirmation to open the software - agree to those prompts to launch the software.

Panopto for Mac recording software

For more details on recording in Mac, please download and view the quickstart instructions in this 6-page PDF file or visit the more thorough documentation on Panopto's website.