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About the Self Registration Tool

The Self Registration tool allows users to enroll themselves in courses that have the self-registration feature enabled. You can define whether self registrations require your approval for users to be enrolled in your course.

How do I set up Self Registration?

For Faculty: Set up Self Registration


In Course Admin > Course Offering Information, check “Users can self-register” and save.


Go to Course Admin > Self Registration.


Click “Form” and either choose the default “Self Registration” form or create a new custom form to select. Save.


If you want to allow people to register who don’t have Wright State accounts, click “Info” and check “Allow New Users.” Save.


You may also add a brief course description on the “Info” tab. Registrants will see the description when they click the course to register.


Make sure the course is active and available.


Self Registration Instructions for Students

If you DO HAVE an existing account in Pilot

If you are a Wright State student, faculty, or staff member or have registered for another Wright State course recently, follow these directions:


Click the big green “LOGIN” button and log in as you normally would to visit any other course.


Click “Self Registration” on the navigation bar after you log in.


Click the name of the course you want to join and follow the onscreen directions until you finish.

If you DO NOT HAVE an existing account in Pilot

If you are not a Wright State student, faculty, or staff member and have not registered for another Wright State course recently, follow these directions:


Click the small “External Registration” link.


Find your course in the list of of course offerings and click it’s name.


Review the course information to be sure you have the right course, then click “Register.”


Fill out the Registration Form and click “Submit.”

Look for confirmation email

You might not be able to log in immediately. The course instructor may have to approve your registration before you can log into the course. In any case, look for a confirmation email with further instructions.

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How do I reset a password for self-registered students?

Students who have self-registered in a course often aren’t in Banner so they can’t use WINGS or rely on the Help Desk to reset their passwords. To enable them to reset their password,


Go to “Users” and look the student up.


When the student shows up in search results, click the downward arrow next to the name and choose “Email Password Reset Link,” which will send to whatever email address the student used for self registration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why can new students no longer self-register for my course?

    Problem: A course with self-registration suddenly stops showing up for students on the list of courses to choose from when they are self registering.

    Cause: The course has hit its self-registration limit.

    Solution: Course Admin > Self-Registration > Restrictions. Then increase the “Self Registration Limit” number.

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