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Clark State Community College Wright Path Program

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Why Choose the Wright Path Program?

The Wright Path offered by Wright State University and Clark State Community College provides you with a unique opportunity to complete a bachelor's degree. Enroll in this program and receive support from both schools to ensure a seamless transition from Clark State to Wright State. You can receive joint advising, have the opportunity to live on Wright State’s campus, utilize Wright State facilities, and qualify for a special partnership scholarship.

Three Paths to a Bachelor's Degree

  • Wright Path: Students entering Clark State with the intention of earning a bachelor's degree. Students will be guaranteed acceptance to Wright State once they have completed a minimum of 30 semester hours at Clark State (including all developmental course work). At least 24 hours must be college-level courses with a cumulative GPA of 2.25 or higher.
  • Jump Start: Students who apply to Wright State but do not initially meet the university's entrance requirements. Once students have completed a minimum of 18 semester hours at Clark State with a GPA of 2.25 or higher, they will have the option of enrolling at Wright State.
  • New Beginning: Students who are ineligible to continue at Wright State because of a lack of academic progress are encouraged to enroll at Clark State and refocus their academic progress. Once students have completed a minimum of 18 semester hours at Clark State with a GPA of 2.25 or higher, they will have the option of enrolling at Wright State.

Clark State Benefits

  • Admission to Clark State events
  • Athletics and intramural sports
  • Library privileges and IT support
  • Career management
  • Accessibility services
  • Counseling services
  • Access to student health insurance
  • Academic advising

Wright State Benefits

  • Access to fitness and student recreation programs*
  • Admission to select athletic and cultural events
  • Additional student life activities**
  • Student parking with purchase of permit*
  • Option of applying for housing at Wright State***
  • Academic advising
  • Library privileges and IT support

*Additional fees required.
**Students will be assessed fees equivalent to those of Wright State students for extramural activities.
***Students must apply and be accepted for Wright State housing and pay a $150 fee.

Articulation (Transfer) Agreements

Clark State and Wright State have developed many articulation agreements that are approved 2 + 2 programs.

Enroll in the Wright Path Program

Apply to Clark State. To enter the Wright Path rogram, fill out the application and we will verify with Clark State that you are an active student in good standing.

While Attending Clark State

Meet with your Clark State academic advisor to create an academic plan that will help you plot your courses. Following an articulation agreement or equivalency guide for your major will maximize your transfer credits. Ask your Clark State advisor or go to for the most recent agreements. You can also use to run a Wright State degree audit, see course equivalencies, and track your progress.

Wright State advisors are also available to help you plan your transition from the associate to the bachelor degree. Contact Wright State's Transfer Center at (937) 775-4830 or to schedule an advising appointment.

Get Involved at Wright State

You should consider getting involved at Wright State to get a feel for campus life and the many extracurricular opportunities designed to enrich students’ educational experiences.

  • Attend a student organization meeting. There are more than 190 student organizations to choose from.
  • Attend an athletic event. Many events do not require a ticket, while some events will require you to purchase a ticket. Visit to learn more about student tickets.
  • Attend other events, such as presidential speakers. Visit for a list of upcoming events and information on associated fees.

Living on Wright State’s Campus

If you have been accepted into the Wright Path program, you may apply to live on Wright State's campus while attending Clark State. Fill out this special housing application.

To qualify for additional financial aid to cover housing costs, you should indicate “living on campus” on the FAFSA, even though you will be attending classes at Clark State.

If living on campus, you are required to complete the medical history and immunization form. For more information, contact Student Health Services at (937) 775-2552.

If living in a residence hall, you are required to purchase a meal plan. Visit to find out more. If you do not choose a meal plan by the specified date each term, a meal plan will be assigned to you.

If you will park a car on campus, you will need to buy a Wright State residential parking permit. Order a residential parking permit in person at Parking and Transportation Services in 065 Allyn Hall.

Purchase your student ID from the Wright1 Photo ID Center in the Student Union. You must bring your UID (e.g. U00123456) and a government-issued photo ID. The Wright1 Card costs $20.

Housing and meal plan fees will be charged to your Clark State bill. Parking permits and Wright1 Card fees are paid by the student and cannot be billed to your Clark State bill.

If you do not know your Wright State ID (e.g. U00123456) or campus account (e.g. w012abc), contact the Computing and Telecommunication Services (CaTS) Help Desk at (937) 775-4827.

Wright1 Photo ID

If you are a residential student, you will need to purchase a Wright1 Photo ID for $20 in 055 Student Union. Students living in a residence hall will swipe their IDs to utilize their meal plans.

If you plan to use Campus Recreation (with a purchased membership), print stations, and Raider Cash in vending machines and the bookstore, you will need to purchase a Wright1 Photo ID. The ID will be co-branded with both Wright State and Clark State represented.

You can add funds to your Wright1 card at deposit stations in the Student Union, Allyn Hall, and Dunbar Library, or at the Wright1 Card Center or Dunbar Library Circulation Desk. Deposit Stations only accept cash while Wright1 Card Center and Dunbar Circulation Desk accept cash and credit cards.

Technology Resources

Approximately one week before the start of your first term, you can pick up your computer account and login information from the Computing and Telecommunication Services (CaTS) Help Desk in the basement of the Dunbar Library.

You can use your account to log into computers at the Paul Laurence Dunbar Library as well as computer labs. You can also utilize the Student Technology Assistance Center (STAC) in the Dunbar Library and the Educational Resource Center.

Campus Recreation

You may choose to purchase a recreational membership at the Fitness Center in the basement of the Student Union for access to the gym, pool, fitness studios, billiards, table tennis, racquetball courts, and climbing gym. If you have purchased a recreational membership, you may also buy personal training sessions and group fitness passes, rent outdoor equipment, and join outdoor excursions. Only matriculated Wright State students can be part of club sports and intramural teams. Campus Recreation Guide (PDF)

Student Conduct

You will be expected to follow and abide by the Student Code of Conduct while on campus at both Wright State and Clark State. In the enforcement of the code, all students minimally will have the right to receive notice of the alleged violation(s) and the time, date, and location of the opportunity to respond to the alleged violation(s). Please review the Student Codes of Conduct.

Please note, the following services not available to WrightPath students at Wright State: Academic Support (e.g. Tutoring), Career Services, Counseling and Wellness, Disability Services, Student Employment, Student Health Services, and Student Legal Services. WrightPath students do not qualify for the Wright State student discount at Mini University child development center. Check with your Clark State advisor about the availability of these services at Clark State.

Transferring to Wright State

If you are a fall transfer student who intends to apply for competitive scholarships, you must apply one year out and complete the ONE scholarship application by the January deadline. All other transfer students should apply six months prior to transfer. Complete the application online. Enter the fee waiver code CSCCPartner in order to qualify for the application fee waiver.

Be sure to send your Clark State transcripts to Wright State’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Unofficial transcripts can be provided to get started, but official, final transcripts must be sent as soon as possible. Students petitioning for admission must submit official transcripts for an admission decision.

Apply for Financial Aid and Scholarships

Wright State offers several transfer scholarships. Some transfer scholarships will be awarded to you automatically if you qualify.

To qualify for federal and state financial aid, students must fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) which can be done online at Wright State’s School Code is 003078.

Clark State will award aid for the terms you attend Clark State, and Wright State will award aid for the terms you attend Wright State. If you are taking classes at both institutions, the home institution will award financial aid.

Transferology allows students to input their community college courses, run degree audit s for any major, and see how their transfer courses apply. You can also run the audit with equivalencies to find course matches.

Contact Information

Wright State University
(937) 775-4830 |

Clark State Community College
(937) 431-7157