The UCIE International Friendship Program-International Student/Scholar

Through the Wright State International Friendship Program, you can get connected with a single American friend, or with an American family.  You can experience American culture by visiting their home for an evening, or exploring new parts of Dayton (for example visiting a museum, a concert, a restaurant, etc.).  Join today!

How do I apply?

To submit an International Friendship Program Application, click the green box on this page. Once your application is approved, attend an introductory meeting with a staff member from UCIE. Then you will be matched with your American host who will contact you with invitations to meet! 

What is expected of me?

You will work with your host to plan out the date and location of your visit so be honest with what you want to do and what works best with your schedule. We recommend visiting one time a month throughout the semester (3-4 visits).  At the end of the semester, you have the option of extending the program per your preference.

What is not expected of me?

  • Attending events that conflict with your schedule.
  • Attending any event that makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • Asking for housing. Please note this is not a live-in program. 
  • Asking for financial assistance. Your host is not expected to help you financially in any way.
  • Asking for academic support. Your host is not expected to tutor you. If you need any support, please contact the UCIE office.

What's in it for me?

Learn more about American culture.

  • Get connected and network with the local community.
  • Make American friends.
  • Practice your conversational English skills.
  • Share your culture with your American host.

*Please be advised, submitting an application does not necessarily guarantee you a spot in the UCIE International Friendship Program.