The UCIE International Friendship Program

Bringing WSU International Students and Americans Together in the Greater Dayton Region!

The UCIE International Friendship Program fosters friendship, cultural exchange, and hospitality between WSU international students/scholars and Americans by encouraging the sharing of meals, holidays, local outings, and more. Join today!

 Why should I join?

  • Have a global experience in your own home and city.
  • Experience cross cultural relationships.
  • Develop intercultural competence.
  • Foster friendship, cultural exchange, and hospitality. 
  • Get connected to the local community.
  • Get connected to the international community.
  • Encourage language skills.               


"Being a part of this program is the easiest way to get to know different cultures without leaving the United States. There are very few requirements but numerous opportunities to make lasting memories. This was an overwhelmingly enjoyable experience."-Lucas Wenrick, Wright State Alum, IFP Member from Fall 2016-Spring 2017

"It doesn't take much. It is just opening up your heart to someone and giving of your time. You get more than you give out."-Jennie Buckwalter, Wright State Faculty/Staff, IFP Member since Fall 2016

"What a wonderful way to build a relationship with someone who has a different experience than you. And your experience with them helps shape their view of America. To me, that is worth rearranging my time and schedule to put people over things"-Alicia Brown, Community Member, IFP Member since Fall 2016

"Hospitality is an important feature of many cultures. It's neat that we get to learn of places we have never been or will never be just by hosting international students. It's an educational experience all the way around!"-Roger and Lynn Brucker, Community Members. IFP Member since Fall 2016

"It has provided a platform to live real American life, culture, and share traditions."-Anonymous International Student         

"I love the UCIE International Friendship Program. It has been a great program in my life."-Anonymous International Student