Academic Support

Become a Tutor or Peer Academic Coach

Summary of Position

Work individually or in small groups, traditionally and/or online, modeling appropriate study behavior and assisting students in areas of difficulty. Wage: $14.50/hr


  • Minimum of 3.0 GPA to become a Tutor
  • Minimum of 2.8 GPA to become a Peer Academic Coach
  • Completed at least 6 credit hours at Wright State University
  • Earned a grade of A or B in Wright State courses to be tutored
  • Ability to communicate effectively
  • Access to technology needed to work remotely, including a reliable internet connection and a computer with a microphone and camera

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Prepare for tutoring or peer academic coach sessions
  • Use software programs, including Pilot and Blackboard Collaborate Ultra
  • Meet punctually and regularly
  • Provide support and encouragement
  • Respect confidentiality of sessions
  • Support instructor class objectives
  • Motivate your students
  • Maintain professional & academic nature of sessions
  • Help with study habits (note taking, time management, test prep)
  • Help clarify new information
  • Praise the student where possible and work to build a positive self-image
  • Build as much success for the student as possible at each meeting
  • Demonstrate problem-solving skills
  • Help students comprehend and translate reading of the text
  • Work flexible times around your classes
  • Help students troubleshoot technical issues within reason


To apply for a tutoring or peer academic coach position, complete the application linked below.  Work Study information is welcome but not required.

Modern Language and NUR 2100 tutor applicants will need to obtain faculty approval to tutor those courses. For students that have taken a course and earned an A or B in that course at another institution but want to tutor it at Wright State, they must find a WSU faculty member that teaches that course and request approval to tutor it from them. Applicants seeking approval to tutor courses will need to share the Faculty Tutoring Course Approval form when requesting approval from faculty members.

For additional information on becoming a Tutor, contact Emanuel Clayton. For additional information on becoming a Peer Academic Coach, contact Jill Tussing.