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The text below contains language about the Academic Success Centers, located in 122 SSC, that you can cut and paste into your syllabus. We have included all of the information we think your students will need to understand our services and find further information about us. Feel free to edit the descriptions for tone and style to best fit your syllabus.

Math Learning Center

The Math Learning Center (MLC) offers free virtual and in-person assistance to students enrolled in developmental mathematics, mathematics courses from MTH 1270 (Introduction to Functions and Modeling) to MTH 2800 (Writing Mathematical Proofs), statistics (STT 1600 & 2640), computer science (CS 1160, 1180, & 1181) and other first- and second-year mathematics/statistics-based courses within the Wright State catalog. For more information, please visit Graphing calculators can be rented from the MLC for a $20 refundable deposit per semester.

Procedures When Students Come to the Math Learning Center

  • Upon entering the Math Learning Center, log in at the computer station.
  • The math tutors are wearing a black lanyard and name tags. Please feel free to ask a staff member or the front desk for help finding a math tutor if needed.
  • Raise your hand when you are ready for assistance!
  • Upon leaving the Math Learning Center, log out at the computer station.

Tips to Help Make Students Visit to the Math Learning Center Successful

  • Get acquainted with the math tutors.  Find one or more math tutors you work well with.
  • Consult the schedule online or posted in the center to find out when a particular staff member will be working.
  • Talk and work with other students in the center who have similar questions.
  • Visit the center consistently throughout the semester.
  • Don't wait until exam weeks to come in. There will be more opportunities for individual attention during non-exam weeks.
  • Check the center web page for special review sessions for your course.
  • Make sure you have reviewed your notes and tried the problem ahead of time. 
  • Have questions ready. Be proactive in asking questions.
  • The tutoring session is about building on your understanding and is not a place to get answers.
  • Do not expect the tutors to develop a lecture over the material. They are here to clarify misunderstandings on course material and to answer questions.

Tutoring Services

Tutoring Services provides free individual and small group academic support for a wide range of courses. For Course-Based Tutoring appointments, students must fill out the request form linked at, and they will be notified by our front desk staff on the status of their appointment.

Students who want to develop general strategies and skills for all of their courses can meet with a Peer Academic Coach. Peer Academic Coaching is an excellent way to get personalized solutions to the challenges of in-person and remote courses. Students can meet with a Peer Academic Coach by utilizing our free walk-in support or by scheduling their own appointment. Visit for walk-in hours, as well as directions for scheduling a Peer Academic Coaching appointment.

Supplemental Instruction is offered for free for select courses. This small group support is led by a student who has successfully passed the course, received training, and is in contact with the instructor. The Supplemental Instruction schedule is posted at SI Leaders also communicate the session schedule directly to the class.

University Writing Center

The University Writing Center (UWC) provides free writing support to all Wright State students, at any stage of their writing process and for any class. We encourage you to visit the Writing Center for help with any aspect of your writing, from research to revision. Sessions are available by appointment or walk-in. To make an appointment, stop by the UWC (122 SC) or complete our online Appointment Request Form. For more information about the Writing Center, their hours, and scheduling, please visit