The validity and value of research results can be called into question if there is a perception of a conflict of interest when conducting research.  The Conflicts of Interest and Commitment Program at WSU is designed to promote objectivity and integrity in research by managing perceptions of bias for investigators and the institution.  This program supports University Policy 6110.

Avoiding the consequences of conflicts of interest or commitment begins with transparency.  This involves the following activities:

  1. Understanding applicability: Investigator understanding when the policy applies to them.  
  2. Understanding definitions: Investigators understanding the nature of Significant Financial Interests (SFI's) and re-portable external commitments. Investigators to whom the policies apply are required to complete online training periodically. Certification forms are designed to provide information to aid investigators in determining which, if any, interests must be disclosed. 
  3. Transparency: Certification of an absence of SFI's or external commitments or disclosing those that exist to WSU administration through CAYUSE.  In accordance with federal funder requirements and as a condition of accepting funding, some disclosure information must be made available to the public.
  4. Ongoing transparency: Investigators disclose newly developed SFI's that developed after the most recent certification. Absent the development of new SFI's or external commitments, investigators annually certify the continuing unchanged status.
  5. Institutional evaluation: If SFI's or external commitments are disclosed, WSU administration determines and confidentially documents whether the SFI constitutes a Financial Conflict of Interest that may be perceived to influence the research (FCOIr).
  6. Management: If an FCOIr is identified, a management plan is developed to avoid the potential issues raised by FCOIr for the specific project.


Additional Links

Procedures and detailed guidance about applicability and requirements in support of University Policy 6110 are found on these pages:

    Annual Certification Campaign:   Find information here (pdf)





    If you have questions or concerns, please contact Neal Sullivan at neal.sullivan@wright.edu or (937) 775-3418.