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Why Wright State?

On December 17, 1903, Wilbur and Orville Wright made the first controlled flights in powered aircraft and changed the world forever. Wright State University is named for these aviation pioneers and Dayton natives who invented the world’s first successful airplane. 


What makes  dayton, ohio great?



One of the most affordable cities in America

"The real bargain that comes from living in Dayton is the high quality of life residents enjoy. Located near one of the busiest crossroads in America (where I-75 meets I-70), Dayton offers a rich assortment of things to do, from outdoor recreation that includes canoeing and ice skating to cultural amenities."


One of the best cities for College Graduates

"The Midwest has a reputation for being more down-to-earth than the big coastal cities, and Dayton doesn’t disappoint when it comes to cost of living, which is well below average. Yet it also offers strong income levels and a significant financial reward for college graduates."


Dayton Named Immigrant-friendly City

Certified Welcoming - Dayton, OH; A Certified Welcoming place for all of us to call home.

Dayton was certified as an immigrant-friendly city by Welcoming America. A local organization, Welcome Dayton, hosts and supports many events and programs that help immigrants integrate into the community. Welcome Dayton also helps educate the broader community about the different cultures and people that make up Dayton.



Wright State University International Student profiles

University Center for International Education


Wright state degrees and student population

Degree Programs: Undergraduate, Associate: 13; Bachelor’s: 100; Certificates: 25; Licensures: 6, Total: 144; Graduate, Master’s: 67; Doctoral: 9; Professional: 3; Certificate: 49; Licensures: 12; Endorsements: 8; Total: 148

Enrollment, Fall 2019: Dayton Campus: 12,080; Lake Campus: 1,248; Total Enrollment: 13,742