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This page is a resource for the families and supporters of current and future Raiders. We use the term “family” knowing that this looks different for many students. Sometimes this means parents, other times it means grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles, guardians, friends, and chosen family members. At some point during every student’s college experience, they will go to those of you who they know, love, and trust for advice. You may not know what resources exist to support them, so whatever your role is in supporting a student, we are here to help.

Adjusting to College

The student adjustment to college can be just as important to them as it is to families. Life and academics can be drastically different from what they are used to from high school. Students may need to be encouraged to try new things, participate in campus activities, and meet new people. Students may also need reassurance that they can email professors and advisors, go to university offices for support, and ask for what they need independently before asking someone to do so on their behalf.

We ask that students get into the habit of checking their university email every day, setting up their voicemails, downloading the CORQ App to see university events, and embracing the awkwardness of being in a new place with new people (because so is everyone else). This can be true for residential and commuter students.

Supporting Your Student

College can be a time for personal and professional growth and exploration. It can be a culture shock mixed with excitement and anxiety. You can help your student normalize the transition process by supporting their adjustment. This can include:

  • Saying connected with regular check-ins
  • Asking questions to show interest in their education 
  • Learning about on-campus resources in case your student needs additional help
  • Helping your student practice self-advocacy skills to foster confident independence.

Family Association

The Family Association is open to all student supporters of current and future raiders. This organization allows you to sign up for semesterly newsletters about upcoming events, campus changes, and resource features that are commonly requested by families and student supporters. Sign up (or opt-out of these emails). You do not have to sign up for the newsletters in order to access resources or support, join the Wright State Parents Group on Facebook, or to know about student and family-related upcoming events.

Protected Student Information

All student information is protected under the FERPA law (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act). This means that information regarding a student’s academics, billing, or activities cannot be given to a parent or family member unless the student has given written permission. If your student chooses to make you a “proxy” information can be released to you but this will not allow to make decisions on behalf of your student.  

Visit the Student Proxy Access page for your student to make you a proxy.


At different times, students and their supporters may need to access resources for support, academics, wellness, financial aid, engagement, and more. Here are some of the most commonly requested resources:

Student Advocacy and Wellness Center

The Student Advocacy and Wellness Center serves as a “starting point” for students who may need help navigating systems at the university and in the community. Sometimes students (and their supporters) find their way to SAWC during times of academic or personal hardship. This could include medical or mental health-related absences, financial challenges, housing insecurity, food insecurity, or assistance understanding university policies and services. As a starting point, we will help students find the best possible resource for their success and stay with them through the issue’s resolution.






Serious Incident

Unfortunately, serious events can occur that have a profound impact on a student and their family. During these times it can be difficult to know who to contact and what resources may be available. Reaching out to the Student Advocacy and Wellness Center’s 24/7 on-call phone may be the most appropriate resource. Examples of this could be:

  • A student’s loved one died or experienced a catastrophic injury/event that will impact their attendance and participation in classes.
  • Student has been hospitalized for physical or mental health reasons and will miss class or deadlines, and/or may need additional support or accommodations when they return to school.
  • Student experienced some form of personal or familial hardship that may require them to withdraw from classes, submit a petition form for academics or finances, or request an incomplete for one or more courses.
  • Student has experienced a catastrophic injury and is incapacitated or will be away for an extended period of time.
  • Student has died.

As a forever member of the Wright State Family, you can be reassured that we will do whatever we can to assist you through this process with respect and transparency.


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