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Nov 3, 2018

“He’s crazy, crazy, he jumps crazy high,” Cole Gentry WSU’s point guard said after Wednesday's game.

Sign outside University Hall

Nov 2, 2018

The union says the report was "overwhelmingly negative" and "would damage the academic mission of the university if accepted."

Campus scene

Nov 1, 2018

The fact finder ruled in favor of the administration on retrenchment, workload (including summer teaching rights), healthcare, furloughs and raises.

Cole Gentry

Nov 1, 2018

Bill Wampler, a 6-foot-6 transfer from Drake, had a game-high 18 points and tied for the team lead in rebounds with six.

Nov 1, 2018

Mark Hughes would seem the most likely candidate to lead the way for the Raiders this season.

Oct 31, 2018

A strike could be coming at Wright State if faculty union members vote with the organization’s leadership to reject a fact-finder’s report.

men's basketball

Oct 30, 2018

In June 2017, more than 250 WSU faculty signed a letter calling the university’s spending on athletics “disgraceful” and “absurd.”

Faculty protestors at October board meeting

Oct 30, 2018

“The administration’s proposals are not mainly driven by economic necessity, but by a goal of consolidating power,” said Volker Bahn.

Kids in class

Oct 29, 2018

Local schools are launching a three-year effort with Wright State and others to reduce health and mental health problems that hinder K-12 students’ education.

WSURA tour at Woodland Cemetery

Oct 28, 2018

Who murdered pretty 18-year-old Christena Kett? Who was the largest single donor to the Flood Relief of 1913?