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Oct 19, 2018

Faculty members who spoke at the meeting criticized the administration’s negotiating tactics and the board for Wright State’s financial problems.

FAculty protesting at board meeting

Oct 19, 2018

Wright State will sell the Kettering Center in downtown Dayton and another property at 3171 Research Park Boulevard.

OPERS staff

Oct 18, 2018

This action reflects worsening expectations in the capital markets since OPERS’ last five-year experience study in 2016.

Womens Basketball

Oct 18, 2018

The Raiders totaled 226 points in the voting behind Green Bay (286) and IUPUI (245).

Loudon Love at Horizon League game

Oct 17, 2018

It’s the first time in program history that Wright State has been a preseason conference favorite.

OPERS members demoonstrate

Oct 17, 2018

A bill to cut the OPERS cost of living allowance is still pending in the Ohio House.

Oct 16, 2018

“In my opinion we have stopped the financial free-fall of previous years," chief business officer Walt Branson said in a campus-wide email.

Rudy Fichtenbaum

Oct 12, 2018

The choice they gave us was we could keep tenure only if we gave up the right to bargain over healthcare.

Faculty protesters at board meeting

Oct 12, 2018

“I’m dumbfounded that they bothered to put that out,” said WSU-AAUP President Martin Kich.

WSU Trustees

Oct 11, 2018

The report was submitted by the university to make a case for its stance on contract negotiations.