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Mar 15, 2018

“I’m definitely going to have a lot of family here,” he said. “I don’t know exactly how many, but it’s going to be a lot. I might have a mini student section just for me.”

Mar 14, 2018

Tom Archdeacon entices Coach Nagy to reveal what a long string of defeats taught him about basketball and about himself

Basketball team

Mar 13, 2018

Raiders NCAA success has produced great publicity. Here are links to ten stories in the Daily News.

WSU players embrace

Mar 10, 2018

We were reminded again last week of the beauty of college sports.

Foundation Building

Mar 8, 2018

WSURA’s second series of workshops are planned to stimulate discussions and develop new skills. Members, spouses, friends and university employees are welcome.


Mar 3, 2018

The agreement, worth up to $3.5 million, is part of a fundamental research project “to improve knowledge of the capabilities and limitations of social science research methods.”

Wright State campus

Feb 24, 2018

Members of the school’s board of trustees were told Friday that WSU has gone $6 million over budget on employee health benefits this fiscal year.

Raider women's basketball team

Feb 18, 2018

Wright State seniors Chelsea Welch and Lexi Smith are the the pillars of Wright State’s 19-8 team.

Ryan Custer and Mike LaTulip

Feb 18, 2018

Former teammates Ryan Custer and Mike LaTulip's special bond lovingly described by Tom Archdeacon

Ron Wine

Feb 18, 2018

Former Wright State University consultant Ron Wine had a “handshake agreement” with WSU’s president to pay Wine millions of dollars in performance bonuses for securing state and federal research contracts for the university, according to depositions in Wine’s lawsuit that seeks $4.5 million from the school.