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About Research Toolkit

The University Libraries provides a series of modules you can add to your course to help students do better research. Each module is available as a .zip file you can download from a Libraries web page. When you import a Toolkit file, it creates a module, its content items, and an associated quiz.

Download modules from “Research Toolkit: For Instructor Use”

Some computers will automatically unzip a zip file when you download it. If you end up with both a .zip file and a folder by the same name, ditch the folder. It’s the .zip file that you want to import.

How do I add a Research Toolkit module to my course?


Click “Content” on the navbar, then click “Table of Contents” on the left.


In the right column, click the “Import Course” button just below the “Table of Contents” heading.


Choose “Import Course Package.”


On the next screen, upload the zip file you downloaded from the Libraries site, then click “Import All Components.”


You will then see a progress page. When all three steps have green circles with check marks in them, you have imported the module.


Click “View Content” to go back to Content in your course. The imported module will be at the bottom of your Content modules. Click the double dots icon to drag the module to a different place in your table of contents.

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How do I set up the Research Toolkit quiz?

Set up the quiz


Among the contents of your new module is a review quiz. Click that link and you can set a lot of quiz options right there in Content. Click “Add dates and restrictions,” for example, and you can add a Start Date, Due Date, and End Date for the quiz.

You’ll want to click the “Quiz Setup” button if you need more in-depth settings, though. That way, you’ll edit the quiz in the quiz tool. There you can associate a grade item, assign special access, set submission views, etc.


Import only some items from the module


If you want, you can choose what you import from the zip file, rather than load the whole module into your course. If that is your preference, then after you upload your .zip file, click the “Advanced Options” button.

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