The Wright State University Brand

Visual Identity System

Our branding identity is based on the best practices of other leading universities in Ohio and throughout the U.S. and informed by solid research. By using the Wright State brand guidelines consistently across all our marketing and recruiting materials, we have a much more powerful presence in the market.
Consistently showing our pride in the Wright State University brand helps every unit on campus increase enrollment and awareness throughout. Strengthening our common brand will also result in more cost-effective marketing efforts and stronger messages.

University Marks and Symbols

Wright State University regulates and controls the use of the university's name and other marks, words, logos, and symbols. Requests for their use can be made through the Office of Marketing. 

The university seal should be used for formal or ceremonial documents only, and only in approved single colors.  It should not be used in marketing, promotional publications, or promotional merchandise. The university seal should not be altered in any way.

When a university department or student organization becomes involved in developing products bearing Wright State University’s marks, such activities should be coordinated through the Office of Marketing, accompanied by artwork or graphics and details as to how the university mark will be used. The artwork or graphics must be approved by the Office of Marketing; contact the Office of Marketing for permissions and use guidance prior to use.

All departments and student organizations must use Printing Services or a licensed manufacturer to produce the items. A list of licensed vendors is available at the Office of General Counsel or the Office of Strategic Procurement.

Branding Terms

Here are some terms you may not be familiar with, but that are used often in the Brandbook and on the website:


Assets are all the components that work together to make the brand. Assets include marks, colors, fonts, taglines, etc.


A combination of graphic elements and words that make up a finished logo layout.


A logo is a branding asset that is often made up of a graphic element with the name of the organization it represents.


A mark is a general term that refers to a logo, wordmark, symbol, etc.


A wordmark is usually the type element of the logo without the graphic element.