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The Wright State University Brand

University Logo

Download Files Naming Convention

This is how we name our brand asset files. Each logo will be given a unique number. This consistent naming convention makes it more convenient to find exactly what you need.

Many files are available for download from this website. If a particular mark is discontinued, the mark and its unique identity number will be removed from the downloads page.

Files Naming Convention

  1. unique file number
  2. unit identifier
  3. branding element identifier
  4. intended orientation of element (vertical, horizontal)
  5. color designation—FULL (full color), K (all black), REV (all white), or GRN (all green)
  6. file extension

Download File Types

Depending on your intended use, we have provided a variety of file types in the following formats:


These files are primarily used in digital applications and with certain software like Microsoft Word or PowerPoint when you are creating your own printed items.


These files are used on the web and in certain software like Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. Our files have a transparent background so that the logo can be placed over a texture without being inside a white box.


Used primarily for printed materials, including promotional items, these vector files contain Pantone® colors, most commonly used by professional designers. These files may not be compatible with certain software products like Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.

If you need a specific file type that does not appear to be available, contact the Office of Marketing for assistance.

Primary Logo

Primary One-line Wordmark

Primary Two-line Wordmark

Lake Campus Logo

Lake Campus One-line Wordmark