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The Wright State University Brand

Lake Campus

The logo for Wright State University—Lake Campus is restricted to marketing, communications, and materials developed for Lake Campus. These lockups follow all of the color usage restrictions and rules as the primary university logo (green, reverse, and black usage permitted under the same conditions).

Lake Campus is identified clearly, while retaining the visual hierarchy of the university logo. Department sublogos follow the same order, and are available by contacting the Office of Marketing

Wright State Lake Campus primary logo - fullcolor

The full-color logo should be used whenever possible. In certain situations, it is not possible to use this logo, so the following three options are acceptable for use in the specified situations.

Wright State Lake Campus primary logo - green

Use of the green logo is permitted when color is limited, or in situations where print quality may be unpredictable.

Wright State Lake Campus primary logo - white

The reversed logo is used when logo appears in white on a solid background, such as the green block demonstrated here. The logo can only appear in this format on a solid-color background.

Wright State Lake Campus primary logo - black

The one-color black logo is used in the case of single-color printing, or if print quality is unpredictable.