Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees Committee Day September 2017

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Academic Year: 
Friday, September 15, 2017, 8 am
NEC Auditorium, Neuroscience Engineering Collaboration Building
Additional Attachments: 
PDF icon Finance, Audit and Infrastructure Committee Agenda15.94 KB
PDF icon 2018 Budget Remediation Plan58.07 KB
PDF icon 1. Wright State Audit: Scope and Plan from BKD56.8 KB
PDF icon 2. WSU Budget Variance Report - August 201720.29 KB
PDF icon 3. WSU Cash Flow Forecast- August 201791.21 KB
PDF icon 4. Cash and Investment Income Activity through August 31, 2017183.74 KB
PDF icon 5. FY 2018 Capital Project Spending42.97 KB
PDF icon 6. Financial Governance Policy: External Consultants Report- FY ended June 30, 201767.83 KB
PDF icon 7. Financial Governance Policy: Allowances, Bonuses and Stipends Report- FY ended June 30, 201771.99 KB
PDF icon 8. SEI Investment Report as of 8-31-17954.25 KB
PDF icon 9. WSU Investment Dashboard- August 2017113.34 KB
PDF icon 10. Investment Pool vs IPS Targets- August 201764.29 KB
PDF icon 11. Current Investment Policy Statement (Approved Oct. 7, 2016)404.79 KB
PDF icon 12. Draft Investment Policy Statement (with suggested edits)160.92 KB
PDF icon 13. Contracts $500,000 and Over including Capital Projects for Approval23.59 KB
PDF icon 14. Resolution for Approval of Contracts $500,000 and Over6.12 KB
PDF icon 15. Contracts $250,000 to $499,999 8.7 KB
PDF icon 16. Resolution for Approval of Contracts $250,000 to $499,9998.3 KB
PDF icon 17. Report of Expenditures $150,000 to $249,99919.42 KB
PDF icon Student Affairs and Athletics Committee Meeting Agenda305.82 KB
PDF icon Governance and Compliance Committee Agenda64.2 KB
PDF icon Academic Affairs and Enrollment Committee Meeting Agenda95.51 KB
PDF icon 1. Emeritus Requests11.92 KB
PDF icon Advancement Written Report998.96 KB
PDF icon Communications Written Report613.5 KB
PDF icon Enrollment Management Written Report382.57 KB
PDF icon Marketing Written Report1.06 MB