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Board of Trustees


Standing Committees

Academic and Student Affairs

  • Michael Bridges, Chair
  • Vishal Soin, Vice Chair
  • Anuj Goyal
  • Bill Montgomery
  • New Trustee
  • Olivia Sneary, Student Trustee

Finance, Audit, Governance, and Compliance

  • Bruce Langos, Chair
  • Doug Fecher, Vice Chair
  • Marty Grunder
  • Andy Platt
  • Dhishant Asarpota

Executive Committee

  • Tom Gunlock, Chair
  • Marty Grunder, Vice Chair
  • Sean Fitzpatrick, Past Chair
  • Andy Platt, Secretary

Special Committee on Medicine and Health 

  • Anuj Goyal, Chair
  • Doug Fecher
  • Marty Grunder
  • Bill Montgomery
  • Olivia Sneary, Student Trustee