Fall 2020 Update

Fall 2020 Update: Wright State University’s Dayton and Lake Campuses plan to return to teaching for 2020 Fall Semester on August 24 with a dynamic and flexible mixture of in-person and remote courses. Read more about our Right Here. Wright State. This Fall. plan.

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The text below contains language about Tutoring Services that you can cut and paste into your syllabus. We have included all of the information we think your students will need to understand our services and find further information about us. Feel free to edit the descriptions for tone and style to best fit your syllabus.

Tutoring Services provides individual and small group academic support for a wide range of courses. Students can meet with an individual tutor by appointment for frequently-requested courses numbered 3000 and below. 

Students who want general academic support can meet by appointment with a Study Coach. A Study Coach can assess student academic strengths and challenges, and develop strategies for time-management, test-taking, textbook reading, memorization, and note-taking.

Supplemental Instruction is offered for select courses. This small group support is led by a student who has successfully passed the course, received training, and is in contact with the instructor.


You can refer your students to the front desk in 122 Student Success Center to make an appointment or have them call (937) 775-5770 for more information.

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