Non-Guarantee 2022–23 Tuition, Housing, and Meal Plans

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    Non-Guarantee Estimated Total Costs

    Rates Ohio Resident
    Ohio Resident
    (Living on Campus)
    Non-Ohio Resident1
    Undergraduate Tuition (11–18 hours)2 $4,722 $4,722 $9,431
    Undergraduate Tuition (1–10.5 hours) $426/hour $426/hour $860/hour
    Campus Housing (Woods Double)3 N/A $2,300 $2,300
    Meals (Raider 200 Meal Plan)4 N/A $1,939 $1,939
    Activity/Communications/Hospitality Fees N/A $463 $463
    Books and supplies5 $700 $700 $700
    Total for one semester $5,422 $10,124 $14,833
    Total for two semesters (fall and spring) $10,844 $20,248 $29,666

    1Non-Ohio resident portion of tuition ($4,709 or $434/hour) is not guaranteed.
    2Per hour rates will be applied to each billable credit hour in excess of 18. Courses dropped after the 100% refund period are not deducted from the billable hours.
    3Cost reflects double occupancy for a Woods room. Learn more about the cost of Dayton Campus housing.
    4Default meal plan for residential dormitory students. Learn more about the cost of meal plans.
    5Estimate only—not guaranteed
    Costs do not include course or program fees

    Non-Guarantee Tuition (Per Semester)

    Undergraduate Non-Guarantee Tuition (attended prior to Summer 2018)1

    Rates Ohio Resident2 Non-Ohio Resident3
    Undergraduate Tuition (11–18 hours)4 $4,722 $9,431
    Undergraduate Tuition (1–10.5 hours) $426/hour $860/hour

    1Must attend at least one semester each academic year
    2Future in-state tuition rates are determined by the Ohio General Assembly and the Wright State University Board of Trustees
    3Non-Ohio resident portion of tuition ($4,709 or $434/hour) is determined annually by the Wright State University Board of Trustees
    4Per hour rates will be applied to each billable credit hour in excess of 18. Courses dropped after the 100% refund period are not deducted from the billable hours.

    Visit our financial aid Cost of Attendance page for a list of other estimated indirect costs including books, supplies, personal expenses, transportation, and loan fees that are used to calculate financial aid offers.

    Non-Guarantee Housing Costs (Per Semester)

    Residence Hall/Apartment Room Type 2022–23 Rate
    Hamilton Super Single $2,700
    Honors Super Single $3,728
    Honors Double $2,300
    Woods Single $3,390
    Woods Super Single $3,731
    Woods Double $2,300
    Woods Double Deluxe $2,700
    Woods Triple $2,100
    Forest Lane Studio $2,500
    Forest Lane Small Two Bedroom $2,500
    Forest Lane Large Two Bedroom $2,750
    College Park Quad $2,091
    University Park Quad $2,091
    Village Efficiency $2,567
    Village Deluxe Efficiency $2,931
    Village One Bedroom $3,329
    Village Two Bedroom $3,787
    Village Two Bedroom Split $1,975

    Communications Fee (Per Person): $200
    Activity Fee (Per Person): $60

    Visit the Residence Life and Housing website to learn more.

    Non-Guarantee Meal Plans

    Weekly Meal Plan Options

    Name WrightSwipes/Week
    (Reset Sunday at 1 a.m.)
    Dining Dollars
    (Roll over from fall to spring semester)
    Raider Cash
    (Never expires)
    Raider 12 12  $200  $10 $1,853
    Raider 14 14  $200  $10 $1,904
    Raider 19 19  $200  $10 $2,147

    Semester Meal Plan Options

    Name WrightSwipes/Semester
    (Expires end of semester)
    Dining Dollars
    (Expires end of semester)
    Raider Cash
    (Never expires)
    Rowdy 100 100 $200 $10 $947
    Rowdy 200 200 (Limit 4 per day) $400 $10 $1,939
    The 1500 N/A $1,500 $10 $1,510

    1Price does not include $203 Hospitality/Residential Services Fee or $40 for first-year student first weekend meals

    Visit the Hospitality Services website to learn more.

    Tuition and Fees Explanation

    Wright State University’s Board of Trustees reviews tuition and fees on an annual basis. Rates are generally approved in the spring for the upcoming Fall Semester.

    Wright State University reserves the right to make policy and fee changes. 

    Wright State will not defer payment of fees or accept partial payments or postdated checks. Financial accounts are subject to audit at any time throughout a student’s enrollment or academic career.

    Inclusive Courseware Fee


    In an effort to protect students and insure their best interest, the U.S. Department of Education published new rules (34CFR668.161-167) via the Federal Register on October 30, 2015. The Program Integrity and Improvement rules require Wright State University to provide students the ability to opt out of fees charged to a student’s account that are associated with books and/or online access to course materials.

    Inclusive Courseware Fees

    Wright State University takes your education seriously. In addition to negotiating substantial discounts, we coordinate with and the publisher to deliver your books and online access to course materials through Pilot, so it is available the first day of class. Learn more about Inclusive Courseware. Opting out of the Inclusive Courseware Fee, and the automatic delivery of the electronic book and/or access to online course materials, will hinder your success in this class and IS NOT recommended.

    Completing the Opt-Out Process

    You can opt-out online from your Pilot page once your instructor opens the class normally the first day of class. You can drop the Inclusive Courseware during the 100% refund period for that particular class. Go to the academic calendar to confirm dates.

    Opting out must be done online in Pilot by the end of the 100 percent tuition refund period to be considered for removal of the Inclusive Courseware Fee from the student account. Review the academic calendar for important semester specific dates, deadlines, and refund period information.