Request to Void/Stop Payment of Refund Check

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About a Void/Stop of a Refund Check

This form may only be used to request a void/stop of refund checks that have been issued to the student or parent in the event the check has been lost or has not been received.

This process cannot be used to request stop payment of checks you’ve made out to the university.

14 calendar days must have passed between the issue date on your student account ledger and the time of the request. Any requests submitted prior to the 14 days will be declined and you would have to resubmit your request once the 14 day period is over.

Prior to starting this process, we highly encourage students to sign up for direct deposit as it ensures the timeliest processing of any applicable refunds.

    How to Set Up Direct Deposit

    1. Select the Student and Financial Aid link or tab from the WINGS Express main menu.
    2. Select the Student Fees link. Select the Student Account Options button.
    3. Select option to Set up Account. Select an Account Type from the drop-down list.
    4. Enter the Routing Number. Enter the Account Number. Enter the Account Number again to confirm.
    5. Enter the Name on the account. Enter a Name for this saved payment method, ex. Betty’s checking account.
    6. Click on Continue. Check the I Agree box and click on Continue

    Completing the Request

    Before starting please ensure you can provide the following information:

    Please sign up for direct deposit (see above).

    1. Your UID
    2. The amount of the check
    3. The date the refund was issued
      1. You can view this by logging into wings express
      2. Select the Student and Financial Aid link main menu.
      3. Select the Student Fees link,
      4. Then select the Student Account Options link.
      5. Click the View Current Account Activity button
        1. Expand the term the refund was issued in and then expand the description of student refunds. This will provide you with the dollar amount and the date
        2. If you need further assistance in locating this information please contact Raider Connect at 937-775-4000.

    Void/Stop Payment Request Form

    Note: by following the Void/Stop Payment Request Form link you will initiate a DocuSign process. It can take up to 5 business days for the review and processing of the request. You will receive a notification advising you when the request has been completed or denied.