About WSU Collections

Wright State University collections, a division of the Office of the Bursar, is WSU’s debt recovery team. They monitor and collect on past due student accounts. Once a student account remains unpaid 150 days after the initial due date, the account is transferred to the WSU Student Loan Collection Department.

Establish a Repayment Plan for an Account in Collections

At this time the student can pay the account in full or establish a Payment Agreement with the Office of Student Loan Collections.

To establish Payment Agreement with the Office of Student Loan Collections, contact one of our Collection Specialists at 937-775-5666 to discuss the student account and payment options. Once the Payment Agreement has been discussed, mutually accepted and signed, the account will be placed in a payment plan with the Office of Student Loan Collections to be monitored.

Collection Impacts

If you owe money to Wright State University, an administrative hold will be added to your Wings account. Holds restrict certain services, including but not limited to course registration; receipt of grades, transcripts or diplomas and potential credit bureau reporting.

It is extremely important for the student to address the situation at this point to avoid further progressive collection action. If you establish a repayment plan with WSU Office of Student Loan Collections, their debt will not be transferred to the Ohio Attorney General, provided that they continue meeting the terms of their Payment Agreement.

About the Ohio Attorney General’s Office

Wright State University is required to turn over any debt we are unable to collect to the Ohio Attorney General for additional collection attempts, in accordance with Ohio Revised Code. In addition to levying interest and collection costs, the Ohio Attorney General may utilize state tax refund offsets, bank account attachments, and other litigation to recover funds.

Once an account has been transferred to the Ohio Attorney General, any payments must be made directly to them.