Instructions for Faculty Sponsoring J-1 Scholars

The following steps are intended to be used as a checklist, broken down into paperwork that needs to be completed by the resident Wright State faculty member.

  1. Official Invitation Letter
  2. Official Appointment
  3. Fill out the initial DS-2019 request form (For scholars and faculty)
  4. Certificate on English Proficiency Form
  5. Health Insurance
  6. Computer Account Application & UID
  7. Wright State Identification Card

Faculty Consideration

Nearly all visiting faculty and scholars come to the United States on a J-1 visa specially designed for international educational and cultural exchange visitors. The visa is granted by U.S. consulates on the basis of a DS-2019 (formerly IAP-66) form provided by Wright State or a sponsoring agency.

  • If you would like to bring a visiting international scholar to Wright State, you need to begin the paperwork at least four months prior to the scholar's anticipated arrival date.
  • The university does not have any housing specifically set aside for visiting international scholars, nor does Wright State have anyone who locates housing for scholars. On campus housing is available (See the Housing page). UCIE can give suggestions about where to begin a search, but finding housing is ultimately left up to the scholar. Language barriers, coupled with the shortage of short-term lease apartments, can make it difficult for a foreign scholar to find housing, so any assistance you can offer would be essential! Many scholars stay in a hotel for a few days while they locate housing. (We recommend the Extended Stay on Col. Glenn -- ask for a Wright State rate.)
  • It is also up to you to determine how your scholar gets to campus from the airport; many scholars think that they can just take a taxi, not realizing just how far the airport is from Wright State. If you choose not to pick your scholar up from the airport, you will need to let him/her know how to catch a shuttle (and you may need to make a reservation).
  • As a faculty contact/host, you act as a mentor for a visiting international scholar. Some scholars truly wish to come to campus and be very self-sufficient, however, if a scholar is hoping to make meaningful connections while at Wright State, as a host you are the starting point and can really set the tone for the experience.

If you have any questions about how to bring a visiting international scholar to campus, please contact the UCIE Office (937-775-5745).

URGENT MESSAGE TO SPONSORING WRIGHT STATE FACULTY MEMBERS: During length of appointment for your J visa scholar’s appointment at Wright State University, if at any time you are aware of unusual circumstances or controversies involving your scholar, you should bring these concerns to the attention of the Wright State/UCIE staff person who created the DS-2019 visa eligibility form for the scholar (see form item #7 in order to identify this Wright State contact person).  Upon receiving your information, your Wright State/UCIE contact person will attempt to resolve these problems/concerns. If the person who issued your DS-2019 cannot resolve these problems/concerns satisfactorily, you may request that you be provided with a Dept. of State email address where you can bring your complaint/concern to the attention of the DOS officer in charge of these type concerns. The US Dept. of State (DOS) is concerned about any incidents which might bring the J Exchange Visitor program into notoriety or disrepute, including any potential litigation against the EV program. Please call the UCIE office phone (937)775-5745 for assistance in making arrangements for this contact/meeting appointment.

Steps for Wright State Faculty


Official Invitation Letter (for non-employees only)

The first step in bringing a visiting scholar to Wright State is writing him/her an official letter of invitation. This letter should detail the nature of the research the scholar will conduct, and specifically what the department will be able to offer to the scholar. It should explain whether or not the department will be able to offer office space, staff assistance, departmental facilities, salary and or stipend, and the agreed length of stay/dates scholar will be on campus. The invitation letter may be signed by the host-faculty member, however, the college Dean's signature is required on the letter Addendum downloadable PDF below.

Please also add the text below toward the end of your invitation letter:

In addition to the above information contained in this invitation letter please read carefully the Supplemental Attachment ("Addendum") appended to this invitation letter containing the additional terms and conditions governing your stay at Wright State University to which you must signify your agreement by signing your name and dating your signature on the Addendum and returning a scanned copy of the signed Attachment/Addendum to the University, along with your acceptance letter.


Official Appointment

All visiting scholars, regardless of the immigration arrangements that are made for them, must have an official University appointment indicating they have an academic relationship to Wright State. For those scholars who will not be paid by the University, the appropriate appointment is generally "Wright State Affiliate – Visiting Scholar – Non-Employee." Any scholar who will be on the University payroll should be appointed according to Wright State "HR" specifications of their contract with the specific Wright State department.


Fill out the inititial DS-2019 Request Form (for Scholars and Faculty)

Departments and divisions which will be employing a visiting international scholar must have an official appointment from the university before Wright State can process any immigration documents. To bring a scholar on a J-1 visa, a faculty member will need to make what is called an "Initial Request for a DS-2019" from UCIE (in the past form was called an IAP-66). This form has many specific questions on it pertaining to the scholar's personal bio data. The faculty sponsor may need to email (or FAX) the prospective scholar specific questions in order to fill out this form.

To fill out the request, the faculty member will need to know the following for the PRIMARY APPLICANT AND/OR DEPENDENT/S:

  • Last Name (as spelled in passport) First Name (as spelled in passport)
  • Middle Name, if available
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth 
  • Country of Birth 
  • Country of Citizenship 
  • City of Birth 
  • Nationality
  • Country of Legal Permanent Residence
  • Position in Country of Residence
  • U.S. Address, if available

Also, UCIE must be able to verify financial arrangements (if sponsored by a program, then a letter of sponsorship; if using personal funds, it is often in the form of bank account statement). After completing the DS-2019 Request Form, please submit the forms to Wright State – UCIE Office, Room 334, Student Union.   Please also provide a scanned copy of the scholar's "CV" and the ID page of his/her Passport.


Certificate of English Proficiency Form

This form is intended to document the individual's level of English Proficiency for the J-1 visa application process. This form should be signed by the host faculty. The department should forward this completed form and supporting documentation to the UCIE office.


Health Insurance

The Wright State Faculty Host/Sponsor within the academic department (requesting the DS-2019 document) is responsible for informing visiting scholars about this requirement since it involves the scholar's financial arrangements. UCIE has information on health insurance policies for international visitors and can assist the scholar in the purchase of approvalble health insurance.


Computer Account Application and UID

The scholar’s host department head must complete the Computer Account Application Form to access the Wright State University Account and University Identification Number. This form can be obtained by contacting Computing and Telecommunications Services (CaTS), located in 025 Library Annex. You can reach them by phone at 937-775-4827.

The University Identification Number (UID) will enable scholars to access WINGS Express features online and facilitate the Wright State University Identification Card (Wright State-ID) application.


Wright State University Identification Cards

If someone is affiliated with your department/organization and needs to have a Wright1 Card issued for any reason, please fill out the Affiliate Card Authorization Form (example found in Scholar Orientation booklet). Have your affiliate bring the form to the Wright1 Card Center, Student Union, when they are ready to have their card printed. The cost of each card is $5 that can be charged to either the affiliate or department.