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Schools for Dependents

In order to register a child for school in Ohio the following three things are needed:

  1. Original Immigration Documentation of child including a Passport, I-20 or DS-2019, and a Visa
  2. An up-to-date vaccination history with the listed vaccination as established by the Ohio Department of Health Immunization
  3. Proof of Ohio residence which includes a Lease or Contract of place of residency (On and Off Campus) and a Utility Bill Addressed to person at place of residency

Residency will determine where the child can go to school. Most likely the following two school districts:

In order to register a child for school it would be best to contact the board of education office of the intended district and let them know that you have a new student to register. They will then direct you to the appropriate school. It is also important to mention the need for any ESL services that the child/children may require. The Federal government requires that all public schools provide ESL services for those students that require them. Additionally, bus services are provided for k-12 students. When the child/children are registered the school will work out the bus route.

There is also a district registration form that needs to be filled out prior to taking the child/children to register. The form can be downloaded and printed from each school’s respective website.