Instructions for Visitors on J-1 Visas

The following steps are intended to be used as a checklist, broken down into paperwork that needs to be completed by the visiting scholar.

  1. DS-2019 Information Form
  2. Obtaining a DS-2019
  3. SEVIS fees
  4. Make an appointment at a U.S. Consulate
  5. Checklist of what to take with to the visa interview
  6. Health Insurance

DS-2019 Information Form

All J-1 Visa applicants should complete the DS-2019 Information Form. Your answers will provide Wright State University with the information required to issue a Form DS-2019 for your use in applying for a J-1 Visa.

Scan and email your completed "DS-2019 Information Form" along with other supporting documents to The UCIE office will use your answers from the "Information Form" to prepare the J-1 visa eligibility form for you. When this form is ready, the University (WSU) will email you a scanned copy so that you can review it for accuracy prior to the University mailing the form to you.  If you would prefer that your DS-2019 be sent by international courier (i.e., DHL or FedEX) rather than by US Air Mail, then you must use the following instructions to set up a prepaid courier service so that we can use this faster method of sending the DS-2019 form to you.   Please use the following link ( to register, place and pay for your express shipping order then email Ms. Kimberly Brumbaugh [] so that s can submit your envelope for shipping. If you have any questions, feel free to email Ms. Brumbaugh and she will be happy to assist you. 

Obtaining a DS-2019

All scholars requesting J-1 status will be issued a DS-2019. The DS-2019 is a document that details their course of study and verifies that they have a documented eligibility to obtain J-1 status. The DS-2019 is used to apply for the J-1 visa at the U.S. consulate and must be received prior to applying for the visa.

Scholars on a J-1 visa and faculty, must complete an "Initial Request for a DS-2019" from UCIE. This form has many specific questions on it pertaining to the scholar's personal bio data. The faculty sponsor may need to email (or FAX) the prospective scholar specific questions in order to fill out this form.

Scholars planning on traveling with their dependents (husband, wife, or children under the age of 21) to the U.S., will need to apply for, and receive separate "dependent" DS-2019 needed for applying for their J-2 visas and entering the U.S. in J-2 status. If the family names is differs to that of dependents, documentation will be required to confirm the relationship.

To fill out the request, the faculty member will need to know the following:

Primary applicant and/or dependent/s

  • Last Name (as spelled in passport) First Name (as spelled in passport)
  • Date of Birth 
  • Country of Birth
  • Gender
  • Country of Citizenship Relationship to Primary Applicant
  • City of Birth 
  • Nationality
  • Country of Legal Permanent Residence
  • Position in Country of Residence
  • U.S. Address, if available

Also, UCIE must be able to verify financial arrangements (if sponsored by a program, then a letter of sponsorship; if using personal funds, it is often in form of bank account statement). After completing this form, please submit request to WSU – UCIE Office, Room 334, Student Union.

URGENT MESSAGE:      Please Note:   During your stay at Wright State University on the J-1 visa, if at any time you experience any unpleasant or unsatisfactory circumstances or controversies - you should bring your concerns to the attention of the WSU staff person who created your DS-2019 (see form item #7 in order to identify this WSU contact person).  Your WSU contact person will attempt to resolve your problems/concerns.   If the person who issued your DS-2019 cannot resolve your problem/concern satisfactorily, you may request that you be provided with a Dept. of State email address where you can bring your complaint/concern to the attention of the DOS officer in charge of these type concerns.  The US Dept of State (DOS) is concerned about any incidents which might bring the J Exchange Visitor program into notoriety or disrepute, including any potential litigation against the EV program.  Please call the UCIE office phone (937)775-5745 for assistance in making arrangements for this contact/meeting appointment.


Go to the home and follow the instructions. Scholars will need the DS-2019 available because the SEVIS number is required. Printed copies of the receipt - are required for the visa interview and you must keep a copy for your personal records. Scholars can only access the receipt at the time of payment so be sure the printer is working before paying the fee.

Make an Appointment with a U.S. Consulate

To apply for a J-1 entry visa. Scholars will require the DS-2019 form from the Wright State University before the time of their appointment. DO NOT MAKE AN APPOINTMENT UNTIL the DS-2019 has been received or that delivery of DS-2019 has been confirmed before the appointment.

Checklist for Interview

Have both the originals and a set of photocopies. In addition to the items listed here, Scholars may be required to submit additional documents as listed on their local U.S. Consulate's website.

  • A passport valid for at least six months
  • Form DS-2019
  • A School letter confirming an affiliation with Wright State University. For those with a University appointment, it is a letter from the academic department confirming the dates, title and salary of the appointment. For Visting Scholars/Scientists it is a letter of designation from the UCIE.
  • Completed visa applications (DS-156, DS-158, and, if applicable, DS-157) Remember to complete the DS-156 electronically and take a printed copy. Consulates have advised that the electronic version will speed up the process.
  • A photograph in the prescribed format :
  • A receipt for the visa application fee
  • A receipt for the SEVIS fee. If scholars have not received an official receipt in the mail showing payment and they have paid the fee electronically, the consulate will accept the temporary receipt printed. If scholars do not have a receipt, the consulate may be able to see their payment electronically if the fee payment was processed at least 3 business days before the interview.
  • Financial evidence that shows the scholar has sufficient funds to cover their living expenses during the period of their intended stay.
  • Any information that demonstrates the scholars intention to return to their home country after finishing their program in the U.S. This may include proof of property, family, or other ties to their community.

Health Insurance

All visiting scholars are required to have health and accident insurance (for themselves and any accompanying dependents while in the United States) that is in compliance with regulations set forth by the US Department of State. Insurance should be purchased prior to, or as soon as possible after arrival in the U.S. WSU employee insurance alone does not meet these requirements. Visiting scholars who wish to use insurance from their home countries must provide verification that their coverage meets Department of State requirements. A scholar who does not have appropriate health insurance coverage is not employable at the university, and his/her program could be subject to termination. Click here to go to the health insurance page.