Chapter 15: WrightBuy eProcurement

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WrightBuy is the University's electronic procurement system and is maintained by the Purchasing Department.

Insufficient Budget Error Message

If your Requisition errs out due to "insufficient budget", in WrightBuy:

  • Click on the History tab for your Requisition to see which Item & Sequence number have the insufficient budget error message (this occurs during the Banner System Validation step).
  • Click on the Accounting Codes tab for your Requisition to see which FOAPAL(s) are associated with the Item & Sequence above.   Note that the Accounting Codes tab may display different FOAPALs than appear in the header of your Requisition. When copying from one cart to another in WrightBuy, FOAPALs may sometimes remain from the source/copied cart. If the FOAPAL(s) displayed are not what you wanted -- please edit and resubmit the Requisition.  The edited Requisition may then pass the edit successfully if enough funds are available.

If the FOAPAL for the Item & Sequence is correct, then in WINGS Express Finance:

  • Click on Query Budget > Budget Status by Account. Check the boxes for Accounted Budget, Year To Date, Commitments, and Available Balance and click the Continue button.
  • Using the current Fiscal Year with Fiscal Period 14, input the Fund, Org, and Account from the WrightBuy FOAPAL above and click the Submit Query button.
  • Once the $ output appears, click the View Pending Documents button.
  • After a minute or so, the resulting web page will display a section titled "Available Balance Summary". The first row in the Summary shows the expense POOL for the fund-org-account which you input. The "Available Balance" column amount is the real-time value that WrightBuy is evaluating when validating your Requisition. If the Available Balance amount is less than what is needed for your Requisition, you may need to add budget to that POOL, move YTD expense out of that POOL, &/or liquidate an open/unneeded encumbrance from that POOL.

For a list of account codes and their related POOL, please see the right-most column of the Expense & Transfer Account Definitions document at this link on the Controller's web page.

User Definitions

Starting Feb 2015, Workflow Control Point Administrators have additional access in WrightBuy to view user roles, departments, and approval queues.

In WrightBuy, select the icon that looks like a padlock titled "Site Administration" > then "Manage Users" > "Search for Users". You may either select a specific user, or select a Department to view all users with that Department. (Note that you may want to also use the "Status" drop-down box to limit your results to Active users when selecting by Department.)

Once you have selected a given user:

  • Select "User Roles and Access" > "Assigned Roles" to see the WrightBuy roles assigned to this user.
  • Select "User Roles and Access" > "Access" to see the departments assigned to this user.
  • Select "Ordering and Approval Settings" > "View Assigned Approval Folders" to see the WrightBuy approvals for this user.

If user access changes are needed, please contact to request the needed adjustments. To request WrightBuy access for new users, please use the WINGS Express Finance and WrightBuy Access Request form at the CaTS web site.