Chapter 13: Uploads

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Selected users in WINGS Express Finance have the ability to upload transactions into the system. Currently, there are 3 different types of uploads available, each of which appears as a separate link in the "Targeted Services" section of the Finance menu page.

Upload Finance Journal Vouchers

There are 2 different links (below) available to upload Journal Vouchers into Finance: Upload Financial Transactions, & Upload Budget/Encumbrance Transactions. For access to either of these links, please discuss with your Business Manager and then Contact the Office of the Controller.

Once you have access, step-by-step procedures with screenshots are outlined in this handy document Procedures for Uploading Finance Journal Vouchers.

Uploaded Journal Vouchers need to follow the monthly processing schedule timeframes, available at the Office of the Controller web site at processing schedule

Once an uploaded Journal Voucher posts to Finance (typically on the next business day), users with the ability to add attachments may do so by going to WINGS Express Finance & clicking on View Document. Choose Document Type = Journal Voucher, then key in the Document Number that you received when you uploaded your transactions & click the ViewDocument button. At the bottom of the next web page, the eFolder button appears & you may then click on it to browse/attach any pdf documents as support. See Chapter 3 for additional details on attaching source documents.

Upload Financial Transactions

Various service units (e.g. Mailroom, Lab Stores) upload Journal Vouchers to charge users for the costs of goods/services provided. The service units already have authorization in their offices and/or subsystems, and these Journal Vouchers do not go thru Finance approval queues. These JVs typically have rule code JE16. For a list of the various 2-character prefix Journal Voucher codes, the service units, and contacts, please See Chapter 3.

A handful of central administrative offices (e.g. Office of the Controller, Budget Planning & Resource Analysis) also upload JE16 entries, especially when there are lengthy entries that need to be posted.

Upload Budget/Encumbrance Transactions

This link is used to upload Journal Vouchers to Finance having B% budget rule codes E% encumbrance rule codes. One example is the monthly upload of the Telecommunications line services encumbrances. 

Upload Student Accounts Receivable Transactions

For access to this link, please contact the Office of the Bursar.

Once you have access, step-by-step procedures with screenshots are outlined in this handy document Procedures for Uploading Student AR Transactions.