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Physics Seminar: Promoting Student Learning through Web-based Interactive Video Tutorials

Wednesday, October 21, 2020, 1:25 pm to 2:30 pm
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Dr. Kathy Koenig
Professor of Physics, University of Cincinnati


This presentation will showcase two types of web-based interactive video tutorials which were developed under NSF funding for different purposes.  The interactive video vignettes (IVVs) target student understanding of physics concepts for which students are known to struggle, such as Newton's 3rd Law. The interactive video-enhanced tutorials (IVETs) support best practices in problem solving by leading students through a solution using expert-like problem-solving approaches, such as those needed for solving problems using conservation of energy. Both were designed using multimedia principles of learning and research on human learning and memory. Both are adaptive and provide different levels of scaffolding depending on students’ needs. This presentation will showcase one IVV and one IVET and provide details about their various design features along with research results which indicate their impact on student learning.  The software used to create the tutorials is freely available at compadre.org/ivv and can be used by others to create their own tutorials.


Dr. Kathy Koenig is a Professor of Physics at the University of Cincinnati, with her research in physics education. She has extensive experience in the development and evaluation of pedagogies and curriculum that support student success in college-level science and math courses. Since 2006, she has been funded by NSF and/or NIH to investigate the development and evaluation of curriculum that advances student scientific reasoning abilities. This work also involves the development of reasoning assessments for students in various age groups, including middle school through college. More recent funding has centered on the development of interactive, web-based learning modules to enhance student conceptual understanding and problem solving abilities.

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