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Fall 2020 Update: Wright State University’s Dayton and Lake Campuses plan to return to teaching for 2020 Fall Semester on August 24 with a dynamic and flexible mixture of in-person and remote courses. Read more about our Right Here. Wright State. This Fall. plan.

Office of LGBTQA Affairs

Safe Space Ally Development Network

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The Safe Space ally development network dares to transform the campus environment for LGBTQA+ students, staff and faculty. Through skills-based training that focuses on social justice allyship and active bystander intervention skills, individuals and offices are identified that provide a network of support for the emotional, psychological, social, and physical well-being of our LGBTQA+ community.


The Safe Space program is a comprehensive three-hour training that teaches potential new allies skills on how to serve and support the LGBTQA+ community. Allies attending the entire training will have the option of completing a Safe Space ally action plan and will be listed as someone who is part of the Safe Space ally development network. Allies completing the ally action plan will get the Safe Space emblem (sticker or magnet) to display inside or outside of their office or bags, computers, etc.

To make the Safe Space trainings as accessible as possible, the videos used are closed captioned and the Office of LGBTQA Affairs will provide ASL interpreters when requested. We also provide the powerpoint slides that we use in the training. If you have additional suggestions on how we can improve the accessability of the trianing's please, please contact us at the Office of LGTBQA Affairs.

If you are interested in registering for the training, please complete the registration form below.

Register for Training

Please use "Other" if you are attending a specially planned Safe Space.
Please indicate the gender pronoun you wish to be referred by. Some examples include He/Him/His, She/Her/Hers, Ey/Em/Eir, or Ze/Zir/Zirs


In 2005, the Rainbow Alliance launched an initial Safe Space campaign by creating a manual and ally sticker to encourage our allies in Wright State University’s faculty and staff to identify themselves on campus by putting visible Safe Space symbols on their office doors. By displaying the symbol, they would let LGBTQA+ students know that those faculty and staff were people they could turn to who believed in equality, would be supportive of their needs, could give advice, or just be someone with whom they could talk to and feel safe and comfortable.

As of the 2008–09 academic year, we revitalized the Safe Space program by updating the manual, instituting a comprehensive ally training program for faculty, staff, and students, creating a website, and renewing the Safe Space sticker campaign. 

As of September 2015–16 academic year, the Office of LGBTQA Affairs is now coordinating and facilitating the Safe Space ally development network. We are working to update the manual and are providing a new skills-based curriculum for the 3 hour training.

Wright State Trained Allies

Name (chosen first and last) Affiliation Office/Department Location of where your sticker or magnet is displayed Date you attended Safe Space Training (if you do not remember the exact date please list semester and year)
Jessica White Graduate Student   Office Spring 2015
Mary White Faculty Population and Public Health Sciences 251c Biological Sciences Winter 2016
Maralee Leonard Staff SOPP 117 Health Sciences building, file cabinet Winter 2016
Thanh Dang Undergraduate Student LANA Center Laptop Spring 2016
Rachel Negrey Undergraduate Student KNH Franklin High School Health classroom Fall 2015
Patrick Schmalstig Undergraduate Student Not Applicable Home. Spring 2016
Klodi Abazi Staff CECS Desk Spring 2016
  Graduate Student Clinical Psychology My fridge Spring 2016
Sommer Todd Staff Office of the Provost On the outside of my office door 02/04/2016
Daniela Linnebach Burnworth Staff Counseling and wellness services On my office door Co-Trainer for Safe Spce 
Sarah Callihan Alumnus n/a Didn't receive one Fall 2015
  Undergraduate Student CPH/Rho Gam training Currently on my desk Summer 2016 Rho Gam training
Jason Deibel Faculty Physics 248 Fawcett Hall 10/13/2016
Destinee Biesemeyer Staff Counseling and Wellness Services-Health Promotion Door frame outside office February 2016
Denise Porter Staff College of Nursing & Health Outside door frame for my office Winter 2016 
Holly Jackson Staff University Libraries My cubicle in 228 Dunbar Spring 2016
  Staff Disability Services In front of my door, on my name plate. 11/19/15
Kim Stephens Staff First-Year Programs, UC Front window and inside the office next to office name plate August 2016
  Staff Lake Campus File Cabinet and Door Spring 2016
  Staff Human Services Name Plate on cubical and magnet on desk Spring 2016
  Staff Office of Student Activities Office Door Fall 2008 - Spring 2015
Darci Gerber Staff CEHS - Student Services Outside my office door 02/04/16
  Staff Student Legal Services Outside office door 3/23/16
Megan Rúa, PhD Faculty Biological Sciences Room Number Decal 13 October 2016
  Staff Equity and Inclusion Outside office door Fall 2015
  Community Member     10/13/16
Patricia Schiml Faculty Department of Psychology 313B Fawcett and 105 NEC Summer 2016 and Spring 2016
Courtney Browning Graduate Student   Leadership Studies Department Spring 2016
Karen Lahm Faculty Sociology/Anthropology by my office name plate 11/2015
  Undergraduate Student N/A On my fridge 3/23/2016
Jessica Kelbley Staff University College Desk September 26, 2016
Denise Anderson Staff University College Office 9/26/16
Sonia Hackathorne Staff University College In office September 26, 2016
  Staff University College Advising One on front of desk, by student chair, one on magnetic pole in office September 26 2016
Deanna Springer Staff and graduate student Office of Disability and Veteran Services Front of office door and the white board in back of my office. I wear the pin on my purse. Summer 2016
Angie Clayton Faculty EES Office Door Spring 2016
Nichole Arbino Staff University College Academic Advising On the side of the shelf, just inside my door. Fall 2016
Adrienne Traxler Faculty Physics Office door October 13, 2016
Gina Keucher Staff Office of Student Activities My doorway August 23, 2016
  Faculty Lake Campus Office Door Fall, 2014 or Fall, 2015
Amber Phillips Undergraduate Student student binder Fall 2016
Patricia Wolf Undergraduate Student   Name plate of Bedroom at lake campus houseing; my laptop Fall 2015 ;Spring 2016
Nate Tymes Faculty Dwyer 236 By my office door Aug 19, 2016
Dave Hochstein Faculty Psychology - Lake Campus Office Door Fall 2009
Heather Dorsten Staff Connect2Complete Lake Campus Door frame Summer 2016
  Staff University College Office fall 2016
  Staff Lake Campus Student Services 114 Dwyer Hall, Lake Campus 1/22/10; 5/2013
Dalila Bennett Staff Career Services Outer door frame September 22, 2015
Brooke Copeland Undergraduate Student Education ? Spring 2016
  Staff Lake Campus Student Services Office Nameplate & Office File Cabinet Summer 2016
Amanda Herbe Staff Pre-Health Program, COSM Door Frame multiple since 2010
Jennifer Lobo Staff Tutoring Services, Academic Success Centers, University College office door most recent: 07/21/16
  Graduate Student SOPP/Active Minds No office at time being, have magnet for future display.

Spring semester 2016

Dr. Dawn Wooley Faculty  Associate Professor of Virology inside office most recent: 05/01/2018