Bolinga Black Cultural Resources Center


A Special Message from the Bolinga Center

As you know, long before COVID-19, bias, prejudice, and inequity were a sad reality of American society. And though the pandemic is beginning to ebb, racism across the nation is not. The horrific killings of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd are stark reminders of racism in this country and close to home.
The impact of these tragic and unacceptable events is felt by every single member of the Wright State University community: every student, every staff member, and every faculty member.
In response, we say, that Wright State is committed to providing everyone with a safe, healthy, equitable, and inclusive environment for work, learning, and healing. We must fight racism wherever and whenever we see it, both on our campus and in our community.
We call on all of you to stand together as a united campus community, now and for the long haul, as we recommit to, and build on, our values of equity and justice. We are stronger when we are together. 
In the meantime, if you need support, the following resources are available:
Wright State-specific:

  • Student Advocacy and Wellness has a 24/7 line students can call or text: 937-260-0167
  • Counseling and Wellness Services is still open and seeing clients via telehealth: 937-775-3407
  • Raider Cares is available 24/7: 833-848-1765 (TTY for Deaf and Hard of Hearing folks: 314-485-4345)


  • Crisis Text Line: text “listen” to 741741 to access in general, but texting “STEVE” to 741741 helps connect Black students with trained crisis counselors who are Black as well.

The word Bolinga means love in Lingala, an African language. At the Bolinga Black Cultural Resources Center, we keep that as our focus. We provide special programs, activities, and student services that celebrate the diverse African cultural identities and foster lasting friendships in the university community. We offer programs that educate the broader community about black and African American culture. We also provide our students with a critical sense of belonging, opportunities for engagement in university life, and the resources, skills, and support necessary to achieve academic excellence and pursue rewarding careers after graduating.

What does the Bolinga Center offer?

  • We create academically challenging and empowering educational experiences.
  • We assist you in academic excellence through our events and personal recognition.
  • We help you make connections with other students and helpful resources.
  • We are building a supportive community for underrepresented students.
  • We help recruit and retain students from underrepresented groups.


First, we support, advocate for, and empower students of the African Diaspora in receiving excellent academic, personal, financial, and social experiences. Second, we assist faculty, staff, and members of the surrounding community in developing structures and strategies to promote and highlight African American history and culture.


Our vision is to become the premier organization that contributes to the success of every individual we encounter. We want to foster a deeper awareness and appreciation of African American history and culture by providing excellent programs, services, and experiences.


When the center was founded on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday on January 15, 1971, its stated purposes were:

  • to promote an understanding of the culture and heritage of black Americans;
  • to make easily accessible, by housing in one central location, a variety of resource materials on the black experience;
  • to encourage research about black people and aid in the resolution of problems that have resulted from racial discrimination and prejudice; and
  • to work for the advancement of the black creative arts.


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