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Office of Disability Services

Physical Support

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Wright State features accommodations that are designed to enable each student to be as independent as possible. Some of the features include:

  • On-Campus Personal Care Assistance Services
  • Personal Assistance Station in Student Union
  • Accessible campus housing
  • Wright State's underground tunnel system, providing easy access to virtually all main campus buildings
  • Independent living skills training to achieve a greater degree of independence
  • Information on mobility orientation for students with visual impairments
  • Local accessible off-campus housing

Personal Care Assistance Services

Personal assistant (P.A.) services are available to eligible students with severe physical disabilities for daily activities, such as personal hygiene, lavatory needs, dining, and laundry. Services are provided on campus by trained ODS student employees.

Each student's individual requirements and needs are assessed during the College Accommodation Plan Meeting. Personal assistance services are fee-based; the hourly rates for personal assistance is determined by the level of service required. Charges for individual care services are paid by the student or sponsoring agencies, such as the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation Services.

Students who wish to employ personal assistants from an agency or an independent provider are welcome to do so. If private P.A.s require access to Wright State housing and facilities, the employee must apply through ODS for an affiliate Wright1 Card.

​Personal Assistance Station

The Personal Assistance Station (PA Station) is located in 072 Student Union. Equipped with three private restrooms and multiple lifts, the PA station is staffed by trained ODS student employees. The station provides assistance to students, faculty, staff, and guests with severe physical disabilities, at no cost to the consumer. The PA station provides personal assistance with lavatory needs, clothing, bags, etc. The PA Station staff does not provide medical treatment. For more information, see the Personal Assistance Station page.

On-Campus Transportation


Students can speak with their case manager about approval for campus paratransit services for a disability-related need.

Visit Parking & Transportation for more details on current paratranist and shuttle services.

Disability Parking

A campus parking pass is required to park in any university parking lot (except visitor lots). To park in accessible parking on campus, a disability parking placard or plates must be displayed along with a valid campus parking pass. Disability parking placard/plates are issued by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles. An application for disability placard is required, along with a prescription from a physician. For more information on campus parking, please visit the Parking and Transportation page.

Off-Campus Accessible Transportation

Students have access to the areas surrounding Wright State University by taking advantage of the accessible transportation programs:

Wingerd Service Dog Park

Nationally recognized for its commitment to students with disabilities, Wright State University was one of the first universities in the country to offer an on-campus dog park exclusively reserved for service dogs. For more information on the service dog park on campus, please see the Wingerd Service Dog Park page.

Wheels on Campus

A Guide to Wheelchair-Friendly Higher Education.  Researched and produced by New Mobility editors and writers.

We surveyed hundreds of colleges and interviewed more than 80 wheelchair-using students and disability service leaders to identify 20 colleges that create wheelchair-friendly campuses and cultures. 

  • Hear how current students at our Top 20 describe access, accommodations, housing, extracurricular activities, study abroad opportunities and much more.
  • Learn how five unique graduates carved out their own paths to success in a wide variety of careers.
  • Tap into key college resources, including disability-specific scholarships and more.