Office of Disability Services

Physical Support

Information for students who need personal assistance for hygiene and activities of daily living

Wright State University offers unique opportunities for students with physical disabilities who require assistance with activities of daily living. The Office of Disability Services (ODS) goes above and beyond what the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act require to offer services that support students with physical disabilities to attend college, develop independent living skills, and participate in academic life and campus culture.

To help enable students to be independent on campus, ODS provides a daytime Personal Assistance Station for restroom needs at no charge to the student. In addition, ODS supports students in learning to employ and manage their own Personal Assistants (PAs) by helping students employ other students. As part of this program, ODS offers a course in managing personal care assistance and offers continued guidance and mentorship as students progress throughout their educational careers.

Wheels on Campus

A Guide to Wheelchair-Friendly Higher Education.  Researched and produced by New Mobility editors and writers.

We surveyed hundreds of colleges and interviewed more than 80 wheelchair-using students and disability service leaders to identify 20 colleges that create wheelchair-friendly campuses and cultures. 

  • Hear how current students at our Top 20 describe access, accommodations, housing, extracurricular activities, study abroad opportunities, and much more.
  • Learn how five unique graduates carved out their own paths to success in a wide variety of careers.
  • Tap into key college resources, including disability-specific scholarships and more.