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Assistive Technology

The Office of Disability Services also seeks to provide numerous assistive technology opportunities for students such as:

  • Certified Adaptive Technology Specialist
  • Adaptive computer lab
  • Technological accommodations for computers
  • Communication device support
  • Read & Write—The university is able to provide access to Wright State students, faculty, and staff listening to text, taking notes, and writing. Go to the Texthelp website and download Read&Write for your platform (Windows PC or Mac) when prompted to register, choose Microsoft Account and use your Wright State email and credentials.
  • Smart Pens—Many students find a smartpen to be a valuable tool in taking notes. Pairing audio recording with notes and converting them to digital formats are all features these useful tools provide. 

Alternative Formats

The Technology Center produces and provides classroom materials in alternative formats that include:

  • Accessible Documents—Creating documents and materials using a Universal Design method allows for ease of access by all users.
  • Braille/Raise-line Images—The Technology Center creates Braille documents in-house for a wide variety of subjects, including math, music, and foreign languages. Items like maps and diagrams can be modified to raised-line images to assist students with visual impairments in understanding concepts. 
  • Document Conversion—In the event a digital format is unavailable from the publisher, the Technology Center can scan print materials and create accessible documents. 

Sensus Access

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